End Night available on iPad

End Night, this years weirdest survival horror game hits the app store for iPad. End Night brings the hardcore survival experience to mobile with fast pick up and play controls, dynamic missions and an emergent gameplay experience. “We wanted to make something that created the heart pounding experience of survival horror games but allowed people to experience it in smaller chunks on a mobile device.” said the game’s creator Ben Falcone. Working out of your safe home lab you’re concocting a vaccine for the virus. Outside the night air is filled with groans of infected townsfolk, all drooling for a piece of you…If you set a toe outside it’ll only be a matter of seconds before they pounce, hacking away at you. End Night’s Gameplay Features: Decide how you survive the night by deciding which resources you need and where you need to go to find them. Dynamic missions that change depending on your choices. Loot weapons, ammo, healthpacks and more to stay alive and survive. Collect infected samples to discover a cure for the disease. Find bathtubs to wash infected blood off you. End Night is more about resource management than fast twitch controls. Your decisions are where to go next and what you’ll need to loot to ensure survival. One bad choice, like deciding to go to a heavily infested area without looting the gun store for ammo and armor first, will probably see you end up in an early grave. End Night also humanizes the survival horror genre putting you in the place of the last man in an infected town: Feel remorse after killing – find booze and bibles to wash away the pain.

Check out the End Night available on iPad.

End Night horror game
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