EMELIE – Review

by Lynn Sorel

Emelie – Review
By Lynn Sorel
Rating: 6 out of 10

Synopsis: A couple’s replacement babysitter turns out to be more than they bargained for when she subjects their kids to a series of twisted activities.

Our Thoughts: Emelie is a disturbing film about an evil baby sitter, starring actress Sarah Bolger (The Lazarus Effect, The Moth Diaries, The Tudors). It starts off just as you’d expect, a seemingly normal and nice girl takes the place of a couple’s usual babysitter. However, she starts playing weird and disturbing games with the children, that become shocking and cruel as the story progresses.

While it keeps you watching to see how it all will end, there are a few things that happen that leaving you scratching your head, thinking that doesn’t make sense. That happens a lot in horror films as it is, with characters making classically stupid decisions, but I found it to be more exaggerated in this story.

There is a back story given for Emelie, in an attempt to explain her actions. One has to wonder though, how it would have played out if we had not been given that information and were, instead, left to wonder. why

Sarah Bolger is perfect in the role as the menacing babysitter Emelie. The actors who played the kids, particularly Joshua Rush who played Joe, were excellent. Emelie it was an interesting take on the genre, despite some plot holes. If you enjoy babysitter horror, you will want to check it out.


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