‘Elm Street’ Star Wants Freddy Krueger “One Last Time”

by Jayson Drury

Be careful what you wish for.

With Halloween Ends hitting theaters (and Peacock) tomorrow, thoughts of some in the horror community have turned to other franchises that may be ripe for a reinvention. One such member–Heather Langenkamp–is anxious to reprise her Nancy Thompson role in the A Nightmare on Elm Street series.

In fact, Langenkamp–during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight–said, “If Nancy could fight Freddy one last time, I would really like that. I’d love to see a future in that.”

The Elm Street mainstay said she has been watching the current Halloween trilogy, adding that she “loves watching Jamie Lee Curtis get to play her part. I think we have so much to give to the (Elm Street) storylines, and I wish I was in control of that. But, unfortunately, it’s one of those Hollywood complicated things.”

Complicated, indeed. Langenkamp’s Nancy appeared in the original film, and then returned for A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors (as a counselor to troubled teens who meets her untimely end) and then again (as herself this time) in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, which was basically a commentary on the franchise.

But, a return is not out of the realm of possibility, what with resurrections  becoming commonplace in horror films of late. Jamie Lee’s Laurie Strode has already been “killed off” in Halloween 4: The Curse of Michael Myers and again in Halloween: Resurrection. So, will lightning strike again for Nancy Thompson? Stay tuned.

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