Elisabeth Moss And Leigh Whannell Talk ‘The Invisible Man’

by Jen Bernardini

The team at Deadline recently launched a series of virtual events designed to showcase and give an overview of this year’s award season films. Luckily for horror fans, The Invisible Man was one of the films featured, with director Leigh Whannell and Elisabeth Moss being interviewed by Deadline’s Pete Hammond.

During the interview, Leigh Whannell discussed how he went about reviving the horror legacy of Universal Pictures with this reboot. Leigh stated, “the trick was to not think about that legacy. I felt more freedom because the original is a much older film, shot in black and white, with the effects of the time, so there was a little more freedom there in terms of modernizing it. If I pretend this was the first version of The Invisible Man that ever existed, that would be the best way to service the original.”

Elisabeth Moss, the leading character of the film, described the challenges, both physical and mental, that she had to go through. Even though she had a stunt double, this role consisted of much more physical activity than she was used to.  “The most challenging thing, which was partly physical, was the level of fear that I had to keep reaching for…this required a different kind of muscle.” She stated that, at times when she wasn’t sure if she was putting out enough emotion, she would channel Sandra Bullock’s performance in Bird Box.

The Invisible Man has been haunting people for one hundred and twenty-four years, ever since H.G. Wells serialized and then published his novel The Invisible Man. The character he created would soon be immortalized in the horror fiction world, sparking a series of movies that began in 1933 with The Invisible Man starring Claude Rains and spanned until 1951 with Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man staring Arthur Franz. Let us also not forget the 2000 sci-fi horror move The Hollow Man starring Kevin Bacon that was based on H.G. Well’s original concept.

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