Eli Roth Would Like To Outdo Himself With ‘Thanksgiving 2’

by Thomas Tuna

Leave room for pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving–the Eli Roth horror pic based on his fake trailer that appeared in 2007’s Grindhouse double-feature–hits theaters today–Nov. 17–and the acclaimed filmmaker is already looking ahead to a possible bloody future.

Of course, a lot depends on how horror fans accept–or reject–this first film. “I would love to (do a sequel),” Roth told The Boston Globe. “I had such a great time in that world. I have a lot more to say–but that’s up to the fans.”

With Thanksgiving, Roth said he wanted to “fill the November movie gap. I remember being so depressed Nov. 1 when all those Christmas movies started. I had to wait until January or February for another horror movie to come out.”

Roth added that “if people come out and see the movie, I will dive back in and I will try to outdo myself with a sequel.”

Thanksgiving–directed and produced by Roth from a screenplay he wrote with Jeff Rendell–follows a mysterious killer known as John Carver as he stalks the streets of Plymouth, Mass. And, now that Thanksgiving has arrived, Carver wants to make a bloody carving board out of the local residents. That’s not cranberry sauce.

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