Eli Roth Planning “Haunted” Anthology For Discovery+

by Thomas Tuna

Acclaimed horror filmmaker Eli Roth is teaming up with paranormal investigator Zak Bagans to create a spooky anthology series for discovery+.

Roth–known for helming such genre hits as Cabin Fever (2003) and Hostel (2005)–will produce scripted shorts and link them into a horror anthology series, The Haunted Museum, for discovery+, according to a release from the streamer.

The inspiration for the series will come from the collection of strange and eerie artifacts  found in Bagans’ Las Vegas-based Haunted Museum. The anthology–consisting of a special two-hour episode and eight additional one-hour shows–will air later this year.

The shows–complete with commentary from Bagans–will highlight the stories behind the thousands of collectibles in the 30-room mansion that stretch from the paranormal to Hollywood pop culture to haunted history.

The Haunted Museum opened its doors to the public back in 2017, but now a selection of Bagans’ most prized haunted items from the vaults will be examined in the anthology. These items range from the Dybbuk Box and Bela Lugosi’s mirror to the Devil’s Rocking Chair and the Westerfeld dollhouse. And each relic will be spotlighted in its own mini-horror movie by Roth.

The filmmaker said he is “thrilled” to tell the stories behind these terrifying objects. “What I love most is that the objects are all real and that people can go and see them, if they dare. The show will not be for the faint of heart. Some people have nightmares simply looking at photos of the objects,” he said.

Bagans is equally excited about this project. “Eli Roth is a master of horror,” he said, “and I couldn’t think of a more talented visionary to bring the stories of my haunted collection to life. These are no ordinary objects–they impart fear and terror on those who come into contact with them.”

The list of executive producers for The Haunted Museum include Roth, Bagans, Christine Shuler, Matt Booi, Kate Harrison Karman and David Brady.

Keep reading Horror News Network for the latest–including a debut date–on The Haunted Museum on discovery+.

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