Eerie #6 Review

by MacabreMenace

Review by: Mike Peluso

Writers: Kelley Jones, Landry Q. Walker, Don McGregor

Artists: Kelley Jones, Dev Madan, Tom Sutton

Publisher: Dark Horse

Release Date: December 17th, 2014

Rating: 7 out of 10


Synopsis: Cousin Eerie is dashing through the snow to wish you tidings for a horrific holiday season! On offer this month are sickening stories of festive phantoms and pernicious pastries from horror comics’ most contemptible creators! Don’t go under the mistletoe!

* Classic M. R. James ghost tale adapted by Kelley Jones (Justice League Dark)!

* A horrifying holiday special!


Our Thoughts: Growing up, my favorite Christmas story was by far was “A Christmas Carol”.  Now Charles Dickens was certainly no HP Lovecraft, but he did an excellent job at taking the most upbeat and joyous of holidays and adding just enough unsettling darkness to keep my young, horror happy mind hooked.  My favorite parts of “A Christmas Carol” do not include when that greedy miser Ebenezer Scrooge has a change of heart and starts handing out pheasants, or when we find out that little gimp Tiny Tim didn’t succumb to whatever disease it was that made gave him a crutch.  My favorite parts of “The Christmas Carol” were the appearances of the chain rattling phantom, Jacob Marley and the grim and menacing Ghost of Christmas Future.  Those scenes from the 1951 film actually spooked me out and made that movie by far one of my holiday favorites.  So if you’re like me and prefer Silent Night, Deadly Night over a Flintstones Christmas, EERIE #6 is a must read for you!


The excellent cover art on EERIE #6 once again doesn’t disappoint and kicks off the issue with some jolly Christmas fear!  The one page “Monster Gallery” features an awesome illustration of Krampus the Anti-Claus by Tom Neely with a short written by Marshall Keller.  “The Ash Tree” which was the 1st story of the issue was a little bland but it was written and drawn by Kelley Jones who is truly overall, quite talented.  “Run, Run, As Fast As You Can” was probably my favorite story of the three.  It really had a Christmas bake sale meets Puppet Master sort-of feel to it.  “The Night the Snow spilled Blood” was an excellent archive that really displayed some Horrific Holiday nostalgia like only 50’s EC horror could. 


Overall, EERIE #6 was an enjoyable Holiday edition to Dark Horse’s Horror Comic line and really is worth a read if you’re hankering for a different kind of Christmas Spirit.  EERIE #6 hits stores on December 17th!  Go grab your copy or pick it up as a stocking stuffer for your resident Horror Comic aficionado! Seasons Bleedings!

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