Eerie #3 Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

by: Mike Peluso

“EERIE #3” Review

Writer: Landry Q. Walker, Jonathan Case, Paul Chadwick, Gerry Boudreau
Artist: Troy Nixey, Paul Chadwick, Jonathan Case, Wally Wood
Publisher: Dark Horse
Release Date: July 10, 2013

Synopsis: Cousin Eerie knows what you crave-all the scares your voracious brain can handle! That's why his latest terror tome brings you ravenous aliens from Landry Walker (Danger Club) and Troy Nixey (Jenny Finn: Doom Messiah) and insatiable infants Jonathan Case (The Creep)! Eat your fill-before this comic eats you! Art by Troy Nixey, director of the terrifying film Don't Be Afraid of the Dark!
A Monster gallery from Paul Chadwick and writing from Eisner Award-winning Jonathan Case (Green River Killer)!

Our Thoughts: Science Fiction and Horror are two, in my opinion, quite different genres that don’t easily mesh as well with each other as some may believe. Just because both can involve gruesome violence, unsettling suspense, and diabolical creatures doesn’t mean the two together are as delicious as peanut butter and jelly. You have examples of masterful concoctions of the two genres such as 1982’s “The Thing” and the not so enjoyable blend of Sci-Fi/Horror experiments such as “Ghosts of Mars” (both directed by the brilliant, not often flawed Mr. John Carpenter). The bottom line is creating anything with the dual genre while doing them both justices isn’t an easy task. But for Dark Horse’s ‘EERIE’ run, it is just another day at the office. “EERIE #3” gave me the Science Fiction/Horror smoothie that this hot July weather has kept me longing for! Paul Chadwicks’s Monster Gallery in this issue was as humorous as it was demented. The first story in EERIE #3, “Hunger” was a tale of a starved alien scientist with a taste for earthling flesh, and poor self control. If the Kanamits were this ravenous that episode of “The Twilight Zone” would have been quite shorter (see: To Serve Man, 1962). The artwork within this tale was a little foggy and hard to decipher at times, however it wasn’t enough to keep it from being my favorite of the three. “The Saturnian Infantroids” by Jonathan Case was insanely funny, futuristic propaganda. It reminded me of an instructional video a teacher might show during an Orbit High School Sex Ed class to frighten Judy Jetson and her fellow classmates from having premarital sex, and the Russians! “The Man Hunters” was the archive choice for this issue, and an excellent one at that. This disturbing galactic tale created by the Legendary Wally Wood added that 60’s Sci-fi feel with a dash of Judy Robinson like beauty. A few gripes I had with “EERIE #3” were the amount of stories contained within this comic book. For a comic book released as seldom as Dark Horse’s “EERIE” you want as many terror tales crammed in as possible! Then again if I didn’t enjoy the writers and artist who work on “EERIE” so much, lack of entries wouldn’t be a gripe.

“EERIE #3” was a great Sci-Fi/Horror compilation to kick off any Horror Comic fan’s summer! Dark Horse’s “EERIE” and “CREEPY” comic books are beyond brilliant and continue to feed that desire for nostalgic, horrendous artistry. Make Cousin Eerie proud and grab yourself a copy of “EERIE #3”, it’s in stores NOW!

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