Earn to Die hits the App Store Top 10

by Rob Caprilozzi

After one week on the App Store, Not Doppler's first mobile and tablet game Earn to Die has hit the Top 10 of the Paid Apps list in eleven different countries, and has now been updated with iPhone 5 optimization. Earn to Die is a unique combination of the action and driving game genres, where players must not only steer their way through each level, but smash through hordes of zombies along the way! Earn to Die is also ranked as the #1 racing game on the top-paid list in all eleven aforementioned countries. John Daskalopoulos, director of Not Doppler, commented "We are very happy with the initial success of Earn to Die on the App Store. The original Flash game it is based on has been played over 155 million times online, so it is great to see that the new and improved mobile version is being well received by players also."

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Earn to Die zombie game

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