DVD & Blu-ray Releases: March 29, 2016

by Lynn Sorel



DVD & Blu-ray Releases: March 29, 2016




Cherry Falls [Blu-ray]

Starring:  Brittany Murphy, Jay Mohr, Michael Biehn


Synopsis: A fiendish take on the teen thriller genre, where there’s a method to a killer’s madness, and only one naughty way to insure you’re not the next victim in the town of Cherry Falls. Dark secrets, darker motivations, and the blackest humor ever run wild in this send-up of horror films, where it’s not always the innocent who survive.


Special Features Include:

-Audio Commentary with director Geoffrey Wright

-“Lose it or Die: The Untold Story of Cherry Falls:” Interviews with writer and co-executive producer Ken Selden and producer Marshall Persinger

-“Cherry Falls Deputy Mina:” An interview with Amanda Anka

-Vintage Interviews with Brittany Murphy, Michael Biehn, Jay Mohr, and and director Geoffrey Wright 

-Behind-the-Scenes footage

-Original Script (BD-Rom)

-Theatrical Trailer








The City of the Dead [Blu-ray]

Starring: Christopher Lee, Dennis Lotis, Betta St. John, Patricia Jessel


Synopsis: This classic of British horror has been painstakingly restored by VCI (with the cooperation of the British Film Institute) and is now complete and uncut; including more than 2 minutes of additional footage, which had been cut from the U.S. version, titled Horror Hotel. This also marks the first time ever this uncut version has been seen on video with its original title. THE CITY OF THE DEAD is an extraordinarily good chiller scripted by George Baxt, which still has the power to frighten fans of the horror genre. 


A college student, Nan Barlow is researching the history of witchcraft. Taunted by her brother and fiancé, who have voiced their concern over her silly notions, Nan arms herself with resolve and drives into the small New England village of Whitewood. She is glad that at least she was able to count on the support of her professor. A bit anxious, but consumed with curiosity, she will soon embark herself on the journey of her life!






Murders in the Rue Morgue / The Dunwich Horror [Blu-ray]

Starring: Jason Robards, Dean Stockwell, Sandra Dee




Paris…at the turn of the century. Inspector Vidocq investigates a series of unexplained murders at a Grand Guignol-type theatre…where the players have suddenly become real-life victims. Based on the story by Edgar Allan Poe. 





A young college girl falls in love with a boy who is the last descendant of a race of strange creatures who once inhabited the Earth. In an attempt to use her as a sacrifice in an unholy rite that will bring his people back to life, the boy comes face to face with a university professor whose knowledge of the occult is more than a match.


Special Features include:


Murders in the Rue Morgue

-Audio commentary with author and film historian Steve Haberman

-“Stage Tricks & Screen Frights” featurette

-Theatrical Trailer


The Dunwich Horror

-Audio commentary with author and film historian Steve Haberman

-Theatrical Trailer







La Petite Mort 2: The Nasty Tapes – Unrated Edition

Starring: Mika Metz, Annika Strauss, Yvonne Wolke, Micaela Schaefer


Synopsis: Step again into the ”Maison de la Petite Mort” and open the door to Hell! In this shocking sequel, told in unflinching documentary-style detail, you will follow the owners of the infamous Little Death House during their daily work of kidnapping and torture. After the shocking events in part one, you’ll never guess what the new owner Monsieur Matheo Maximè is up to. It all began with pain and it would just be too good to stop as the rich members of society continue to torment people for money. Here, their wickedest dreams come true and nothing is too vicious or abnormal. This extremely gory and brutal horror show is presented in its uncut version and is recommended for adult audiences only. In German with English subtitles. Bonus features: Making of… featurette and original trailer.








Revenge of the Virgins / Teenage Zombies [DVD]

Starring: Charles Veltmann Jr., Jodean Lawrence, Stanton Pritchard


Synopsis: The spirit of low budget horror filmmaking was alive in the 1950s as countless directors tried their hand at crafting drive in trash to feed wanton audiences.


Director Peter Perry’s bizarre nudie western tells the story of a tribe of topless female Indians battling backstabbing gold prospectors. The screenplay was co-written by the blundering master himself Ed Wood and now Vinegar Syndrome presents this early nudie classic newly restored from its 35mm camera negatives in widescreen.



A group of teenagers are held captive by a crazed doctor after they discover an evil plot involving fiendish experiments to try to rule the world! Director Jerry Warren was a 1950s B Movie mainstay and his film TEENAGE ZOMBIES has been restored from its original 35mm camera negative!





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