DVD & Blu-ray Releases: April 19, 2016

by Lynn Sorel

DVD & Blu-ray Releases: April 19, 2016

This week’s horror release highlights include The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (Collector’s Edition) [Blu-ray], The Stuff (Special Edition) [Blu-ray] and Yamishibai [Blu-ray]. You can view the complete list of today’s DVD and Blu-ray releases below.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (Collector’s Edition) [Blu-ray]

Starring: Dennis Hopper, Caroline Williams, Bill Moseley


Synopsis: A retired Texas Ranger pursues a killer named Leatherface and his family of chainsaw-wielding cannibals.


Special Features Include:

Disc 1: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part Two (New HD Transfer)

-2016 2K HD scan of the inter-positive film element

-Audio commentary with director of photography Richard Kooris, production designer Cary White, script supervisor Laura Kooris, and property master Michael Sullivan

-Audio commentary with director Tobe Hooper

-Audio commentary with actors Bill Moseley, Caroline Williams, and special effects makeup creator Tom Savini

-Extended outtakes from “It Runs in the Family” featuring L.M. Kit Carson and Lou Perryman (30 minutes)

-Behind-the-scenes footage compilation from Tom Savini’s archives (43 minutes)

-Alternate opening credit sequence 

-Deleted Scenes

-Still galleries including posters and lobby cards, behind-the-scenes photos, stills, and collector’s gallery

-Theatrical trailers

-TV spots


Disc 2: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part Two (Original HD Transfer)

-MGM’s original HD Master with color correction supervision by director of photography Richard Kooris

-“House of Pain:” An interview with make-up effects artists Bart Mixon, Gabe Bartalos, Gino Crognale, and John Vulich (42 minutes)

-“Yuppie Meat:” An interview with actors Chris Douridas and Barry Kinyon (19 minutes)

-“Cutting Moments:” An interview with editor Alain Jakubowicz  (17 minutes)

-“Behind the Mask:” An interview with stunt-man and Leatherface performer Bob Elmore (14 minutes)

-“Horror’s Hallowed Grounds:” Revisiting the locations of the film, hosted by Sean Clark and a special guest (25 minutes)

-“It Runs in the Family:” A six part feature-length documentary featuring interviews with screenwriter L.M. Kit Carson, actors Bill Moseley, Caroline Williams, Bill Johnson, Lou Perryman, special makeup effects artist Tom Savini, and more… (84 minutes)





The Stuff (Special Edition) [Blu-ray]


Starring: Michael Moriarity, Paul Sorvino, Danny Aiello, Garrett Morris, Andrea Marcovicci


Synopsis: Are you eating it …or is it eating you?


The Stuff is the new dessert taking supermarket shelves by storm. It s delicious, low in calories and better still doesn t stain the family carpet… What s not to like?! Well, for a start it has a life of its own, and we re not talking friendly live bacteria…


Young Jason seems to be the only one who doesn t love The Stuff in fact he won t go anywhere near it, after having seen the pudding crawling around the fridge one night. What s more, everyone who eats The Stuff has started acting really weird… Now, teaming up with wise-cracking industrial saboteur Mo , Jason must put a stop to The Stuff and the organization behind it or face a gooey, gloopy demise.


Coming courtesy of horror auteur Larry Cohen (director of the It s Alive series and scribe behind the Maniac Cop trilogy), The Stuff is a titillating treat for the taste-buds which blends elements of films such as Street Trash with the straight-up B-movie flavor of The Blob. So grab a spoon and dig on into The Stuff the taste that delivers… much more than you bargained for!




New High Definition restoration of the film from a brand new 2K scan of the original camera negative

Original stereo 1.0 uncompressed PCM Mono audio

Optional English SDH subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

Can t Get Enough of The Stuff: Making Larry Cohen s Classic Creature Feature Documentary featuring Larry Cohen, producer Paul Kurta, actress Andrea Marcovicci, Steve Neill (mechanical makeup effects) and Kim Newman

Introduction and trailer commentary by director and The Stuff fan Darren Bousman (Saw II, Saw III)

Original Trailer

Reversible sleeve with original and newly commissioned artwork by Gary Pullin

Collector s booklet featuring new writing on the film by Joel Harley, illustrated with original stills and promotional materials












German Angst [Blu-ray]

Starring: Matthan Harris, Denis Lyons, Daniel Faust


Synopsis: “German Angst” is an outrageous compilation of three tales, exploring all aspects of love, sex and death in Berlin. Directed and featuring Germany’s most shocking directors, Jörg Buttgereit (“Nekromantik”), Michal Kosakowski (“Zero Killed”), and Andreas Marschall (“Tears of Kali”).






Yamishibai [Blu-ray]

Starring: Kanji Tsuda,  


Synopsis: A series of short horror stories based around Japanese myths and urban legends. The series is framed around an old man telling these tales to schoolchildren on a playground using kamishibai, a traditional Japanese storytelling method using paper scrolls.







Gore Whore

Starring: Audrey Street, Brady Debussey, D’Lana Tunnell


Synopsis: When a lab assistant steals an important formula and all its documentation from Dr. Whitman, he hires a bottom-of-the-barrel private eye, Chase Barr, to locate it. When Barr digs deeper into the case he finds the lab assistant is actually a dead street whore and the formula is a reanimation agent that, with the consumption of human blood, is keeping her alive! In trying to retrieve the formula, Chase is given a rollercoaster ride through hell as the whore reanimates corpses to attack him and help her hold onto the formula.









Starring: Anthony Carias, Jason Beckhouse, Steve Waltz


Synopsis: When the legendary, unstoppable serial killer CFK stumbles upon a drug deal, he accidentally enters the dark and violent world of New Orleans crime. Two rival gangs stop their ongoing war in order to recruit assassins, dirty cops, and mystical ninjas in an attempt to destroy CFK before he kills everyone in sight! An insane, nasty, gnarly and disgusting combination of Friday the 13th and Salo!









Starring: Kane Hodder


Synopsis: Five horror icons ditch an unprofitable autograph signing convention to earn some extra cash haunting an RV park, but find themselves being haunted instead.






She Wolf Rising

Starring:  Tiffany Shepis, Debbie Rochon, Tina Krause, Brandon Ellis, J.Edmund Fond


Synopsis: This supernatural thriller explores the dark side of underground film making. Gina Skylar, the reigning queen of horror, lures Jake Bubar, her number one fan, into the decadent world of illusions and myths to help her find Robert Lonzo’s (her producer), stolen film footage. Jake sees her vulnerability and beauty and cannot resist her. His beliefs are challenged when he discovers Gina’s true nature but he cannot control his forbidden desire for her. Together, they forge ahead and deal with the demons and beasts that try to stop them.









All Hallows Eve: October 30th

Starring: Ryan Byrne, Dylan Cook, Adrian Gabrylewicz, Mark Fisher, Mikaela Fyfe


Synopsis: 20 years after a tyrannical maniac terrorized his family near Pearl Lake on October 30th 1988, the so-called events of missing people begin again. Oldest son, Ethan Pearl and brother Jacob intricately select a cast of stars (Jade, Heather, Gene, Milton, & Crew) in an attempt to produce a Pearl Lake horror film based on their traumatic childhood. While location scouting and rehearsing, the group encounters several unexpected turns and a crazy man who terrorizes them. Ethan leads Jade down a perceived path to safety, but when she continues to search for answers, she realizes this isn’t an ordinary film, or an ordinary director. Bonus features include: Harry’s Last Words, The Cutting Room Floor, Heather’s Feature, Milton’s Escape, Bloopers, Alternate Ending, Director’s Commentary, Trailers







Starring: Ghetty Chasun, Dingo Jones, Bushrude Gutterman


Synopsis: Neil (Dingo Jones) and Max (Bushrude Gutterman) are jewel thieves working for the enigmatic Miss Miles (Dolores Jackson). After their latest job goes wrong, Max swallows a large diamond, the main piece from the job, so they won’t be caught with the evidence. Unfortunately, he ends up getting shot and killed by a police officer soon after, leaving Neil with a rather sticky situation- how to retrieve the diamond? Meanwhile, he’s run into necrophiliac Carrie (Ghetty Chasun), who takes an immediate shine to Max, and promises to help Neil dispose of the body. Problem is, Carrie wants it fresh, and Neil needs to get inside. What to do?









Helga: She Wolf Of Stilberg

Starring: Patrizia Gori, Malisa Longo, Dominique Aveline, Richard Allan


Synopsis: This notorious 1970s women in prison classic, finally available for the first time in North America. Taking a cue from Don Edmond’s classic Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS, Helga moves the action to South America, where she lords over a castle of female political prisoners, who are stripped and tortured at whim, until local rebels help them fight back against their captors and attempt escape.








Classroom 6

Starring: Valentina Kolaric, Mike Mclaughlin, Maurice Mejia


Synopsis: The Santa Maria College in Bakersfield, CA has been the stage of strange and frightening events ever since the disappearances of a school teacher and his student a year ago in one classrooms number 6. After several reports of paranormal occurrences taking place on site, a TV crew is sent in to spend a night inside the college and investigate.






Red Suit, The

Starring:  Michael J. Panichelli Jr., Caitlyn Fletcher, Jake Lewis, Kristin Ann Teporelli, Raffaele Marchetta


Synopsis: Seeking a cure for her sister’s fatal illness, Star seeks help from two mysterious men who offer a very unconventional and dangerous remedy. They must pull the disease killing Ally into the physical world and destroy it. But when things go wrong, everyone must band together and put their differences aside to stop a living disease which can spread and destroy humanity. Bonus features include: Reconstucting a Red Suit (Making of the suit for the film), Last Day of Filming Featurette, Alternate Scenes






Bloody Wednesday

Starring: Raymond Elmendorf, Pamela Baker, Navarre Perry


Synopsis: Harry is unable to hold a job due to his mental illness and lives in an abandoned Hollywood hotel haunted by friendly ghosts of the long dead staff. The lines of his mental illness and reality become extremely blurred as some of his strangest events are indeed witnessed by others. As Harry becomes more frustrated by not being able to distinguish fact from delusion he turns to violence.




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