Duffer Brothers Form Upside Down Pictures, Plan Projects

by Thomas Tuna

It looks like Stranger Things is only the beginning.

Matt and Ross Duffer–creators of the Netflix phenomenon Stranger Things–have now formed Upside Down Pictures and recommitted to Netflix with a slate of new projects, according to a report on Deadline.

Hilary Leavitt–who has helped develop such shows as Orphan Black and Shining Girls–has been brought on board to run the new venture.

As soon as the Duffers wrap up the fifth and final season of Stranger Things, they said they will work on stories “that take place at that beautiful crossroads where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, where big spectacle co-exists with intimate character work.”

Among the new projects announced are:

1) A new live-action adaptation of Death Note, the Japanese manga series that follows “a bright teenager who discovers a mysterious black notebook that gives him power over life and death.”

2) A series adaptation of Stephen King and Peter Straub’s 1984 The Talisman, which the Duffers will craft along with Amblin Entertainment and Paramount Television. Matt Duffer said The Talisman has horror, s/f and “a lot of heart. It has everything we love. And it’s got the best werewolf character I think–ever.”

3) A new stage play set within the mythology of Stranger Things, produced by Sonia Friedman, Stephen Daldry and Netflix.

4) The previously announced live-action Stranger Things spinoff for Netflix, with Upside Down and 21 Laps producing.

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos called the Duffers “exceptionally unique talents with a vision that’s so crisp and clear. We’re excited to continue telling new stories with them as they grow Upside Down Pictures, and to welcome Hilary as creative partner.”

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