Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon Now Available on iOS and Android

by Rob Caprilozzi

Microids announces the launch of the fourth title of the adventure video game saga “Dracula” on iOS and Android. 


More than ten years after the first episode was released, the Prince of Darkness is back in this first person adventure game, full of puzzles and mysteries.  With more than one and a half million games sold throughout the world, the Dracula saga has conquered the players’ hearts.


“Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon” strives after the same success as the first trilogy and uses the adventure games published by Microïds specific ingredients, i.e. a  catchy plot, quick thinking puzzles, charismatic characters and a supernatural atmosphere.


 In “Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon”, players embody Ellen Cross, an art restorer assigned by the New York Metropolitan Museum to identify a masterpiece that has just reappeared in Budapest. A few months earlier, this masterpiece along with its collection had mysteriously disappeared at sea.

The investigation begins and leads Ellen Cross on a journey around the world (Turkey, Hungary, England, USA…) where she will meet enigmatic characters such as Adam B. Stoker, the famous novelist’s great grandson…


At the beginning of the game, players can choose to run a Prologue (to learn the basic commands) or to directly start the investigation in Whitby’s Castle, in England.


Thanks to a 360 degree first person view, players move in 3D environments where they must observe and think quickly to solve the puzzles on their way. 


For this, they can use a quick inventory allowing them to equip an object and use it during the game (for instance, the black light helps studying the masterpieces Ellen is about to discover).


The Full inventory lists all the objects that Ellen will pick up during her adventure and makes it possible to combine some of them together (associate wax with the Metropolitan Museum stamp, to seal an art work for instance).


Also, Ellen’s journal helps the players to register important information during the adventure (press clipping, goals, transcription of discussions…) as the first aid kit contains the heroin’s medication and specific dose.

Players will learn that Ellen Cross is affected by a severe disease that weakens her. Consequently, they will have to regularly combine and use the medication to restore Ellen’s health, or they won’t be able to carry out specific actions. This constraint encourages players to pay close attention to their character and helps embody her.


Finally, players can unlock more than twenty trophies and try to improve their score during the adventure. 


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