Dr. Strange Enchants Box Office to the Tune of $85 Million

by Nick Banks

Surpassing inital industry estimates of $70 million, Dr. Strange reignited November box office receipts with an estimated $84,989 million dollar haul.

The critical and financial success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (to the envy of DC fans and Warner Brothers executives) is well established, but there is always trepidation when a new character makes the leap from a traditional four-color comic to the silver screen.  Doctor Strange, anchored by an all-star cast and lead by Benedict Cumberbatch,  proves that general audiences, hardcore fans, and critics have not had their fill of Marvel’s vast super hero universe.  benedict-cumberbatch-600-5

Dave Hollis, domestic distribution chief at Disney, was quoted by Variety’s Brent Lang, stating, “The unbroken streak of critical and commercial success that Marvel has achieved is remarkable. One of the reasons Marvel is a cut above is the emphasis and care they put on each character’s development and particular journey.”  Doctor Strange’s debut is second only to the original Iron Man in terms of box office totals for a single character film, beating out the likes of Thor, Captain America, and the Hulk.

Doctor Strange should perform well in the coming weeks, with the only competition coming in the form of a different sorcerer named Newt Scamander and his Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on November 18th.

“The Good Doctor” has also performed well overseas, taking in over $240 million in 12 days for a world wide total of $325 million.  With many territories opening up in the coming weeks, a total north of $700 million seems all but certain.

Will the success of Doctor Strange lead to more supernaural corners of the MCU opening up?  Stay tuned to Horror News Network for constant coverage and breaking news on this topic.


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