Doug Bradley Would Resurrect Pinhead for ‘The Scarlet Gospels’

by Rob Caprilozzi

Will we ever see horror legend Doug Bradley return to the role of Pinhead again?  Well, in a recent interview with BD, the actor has expressed his interest in reprising the role for a film adaptation of Clive Barker’s novel The Scarlet Gospels.

In the interview, Bradley shared his enthusiasm for the possibility of playing an “older, darker” version of the character in a film that stays true to the source material.

Bradley first played Pinhead in the original Hellraiser film in 1987 and went on to reprise the role in several sequels. However, he has not portrayed the character since 2011 and has expressed his disappointment with the direction the franchise has taken in recent years.

Written by Clive Barker and published by St. Martin’s Press in 2015, The Scarlet Gospels is a novel that sees Pinhead facing off against the demon Lucifer as they battle for control of Hell. Bradley believes that a film adaptation of the book could be a fitting conclusion to his time playing the character and provide a more satisfying ending for both Pinhead and fans of the franchise.

While there are currently no official plans for a Scarlet Gospels movie, Bradley remains hopeful that the project will come to fruition and that he will have the opportunity to once again don the iconic makeup and chains of Pinhead.

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