Disney+ Werewolf-Themed Halloween Special Casts Lead

by Thomas Tuna

Will Marvel Comics’ Werewolf by Night finally get its long-rumored screen adaptation?

All signs seem to point that way. Reports surfaced this week that name Gael Garcia Bernal (from M. Night Shyamalan’s Old) as the star of a werewolf-focused show that will start shooting early next year for a debut on Disney+ as a Halloween Special sometime in the fall of 2022, according to JoBlo.com.

While nothing has been confirmed about this untitled special being a Werewolf by Night adaptation, it would make all kinds of sense. To start with, it was widely rumored over the summer that Marvel Studios wanted to bring that character to the screen in some form.

Also, that comic–which debuted in the 1970s–saw the first appearance of Moon Knight, a character whose own Disney+ series will start streaming next year.

A key question–should this show, in fact, turn out to be Werewolf by Night–is which version of the character will appear on the small screen?

The first character–Jack Russell–first appeared in Marvel Spotlight in 1972 before earning his own series that ran for 43 issues until 1977. A second incarnation–Jake Gomez–showed up last year in Werewolf by Night (Vol3No1. Odds are, the TV show will adapt the Jack Russell werewolf, but horror fans will have to stay tuned for the final outcome.

With so many balls up in the air with this Halloween special, keep reading Horror News Network for the next update on the Disney+ show.


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