Dismal Reviews Drive Stake Through Sony’s ‘Morbius’

by Thomas Tuna

Looks like someone needs a transfusion.

Morbius–the much-hyped Sony Pictures feature about Marvel’s living vampire–fell off a cliff at the box office this weekend, according to a report on thedirect.com.

The Jared Leto-led horror film enjoyed a strong opening weekend–taking in $39 million domestically–but this past weekend was another story. The film, according to numbers from boxofficepro.com, suffered through a 73 percent drop at the domestic box office–earning a tad over $10 million this past weekend.

The reason for the dramatic downfall seems apparent: Critics and fans gutted the movie. Morbius was saddled with a rare C+ mark from CinemaScore, and received a sub-20 rating from Rotten Tomatoes. Fans seemed to be turned off by the storyline, the acting and the post-credits scenes.

Looking at the big picture after this weekend, Morbius will have earned $57 million domestically and $126 million worldwide, against a reported budget of $75 million. Given that blockbusters generally need to earn at least twice its budget domestically to make a buck, Morbius would need to pull in around $150 million. That may be a stretch at this point.

Morbius–directed by Daniel Espinosa from a screenplay by Matt Sazama, Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Burk Sharpless–follows Dr. Michael Morbius as he tries to find a cure for his rare blood disorder. His gamble seems to succeed, but “a darkness inside him is unleashed. Will Morbius succumb to his mysterious new urges?”

The Marvel Comics Morbius character–created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane–debuted as a villain in The Amazing SpiderMan No101 in 1971, and later starred in the black-and-white Vampire Tales from 1973-1975.

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