The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2017 Viewing Guide

by Nick Banks

Horror fans and sharks have gone together like peanut butter and chocolate ever since Steven Spielberg gave us Jaws in the summer of 1975.  For many fans, it was their first horror experience and one that they have cherished ever since.

Although not as old as Jaws, the Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week debuted in 1988 (and officially kicks off this year on Sunday July 23rd at 7:00 p.m.) and has continued to “wet the appetite” of shark enthusiasts everywhere.  Although the network end their episodes with warning about conservation and stories about sharks not being as dangerous as advertised, the network is happy to send us mixed messages with titles such as “Great White Shark Serial Killer Lives!” and “Devil Sharks”.

This year we get a race between all-time Olympic great Michael Phelps and a Great White Shark (and Chief Brody won’t be hanging off of the mast to save him either) and a slew of other interesting and informative programs.

Use this handy guide below to follow all of the offerings this year, the 29th season of Shark Week, and tell them your friends at Horror News Network sent you!

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