Descent of the Dead #2 review

Picking up from where the first issue left off the town of Roanoke has lost communications with HQ and the tech repair teams who have went to investigate have gone missing. The call goes out to Tango Company to investigate. Tango company a specialized zombie elimination squad consisting of entirely of a team which have all survived “the bite”; At the time are participating in a slice and dice eradication process called “Operation Twilight.” Operation Twilight consists of all the remaining elimination squads that have gathered from across the globe in hopes to eliminate one the last of the known zombies hordes off the planet. In order for the teams to accomplish their mission the squads must first extract a large radiated meteor. The meteor represents the source of the dead’s re-animation and their unnatural longevity. Once the meteor is removed it can do away with the threat of the undead permanently but it won’t come easy.

Check out the Descent of the Dead #2 review.

Descent of the Dead horror comic
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