Denise Cronenberg, Horror Costume Designer, Passes Away

by Thomas Tuna

Denise Cronenberg–who graced numerous horror films with her brilliant costume designs–passed away last month at the age of 81.

Cronenberg–whose death reportedly was due to “multiple age-related issues”–was a frequent contributor to her brother David’s horror movies, according to Deadline.

Cronenberg started her career in the wardroom department on such films as Videodrome and The Dead Zone before graduating to costume designer on 1986’s The Fly. She dressed star Jeff Goldblum during his various stages of transformation, images that resonate with horror fans everywhere to this day.

Cronenberg also earned a Saturn Award for her costume designs on the 1988 Dead Ringers, a film starring Jeremy Irons.

The Cronenberg brother-and-sister team collaborated on every movie David directed, right up to his most recent project, 2014’s Maps to the Stars.

In addition, Cronenberg worked on other horror and fantasy films, including Jack Snyder’s Dawn of the DeadDracula 2000Resident Evil: Afterlife and The Incredible Hulk.

The director praised his sister’s work ethic and professionalism, saying working with family members “can backfire if you’re not getting along well. Fortunately, I never came to that place with Denise.”

Cronenberg’s son, Eric Woodley, said she “instantly made my uncle’s films look better, and she was always quite perfect in what she chose. (She) had a good sense of character, and I’m sure the actors loved her. She helped them do what they do.”

Cronenberg–a former fashion designer and dancer–is survived by her three children and five grandchildren. The staff of Horror News Network extends its condolences to her family and friends.

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