‘Demons with Shotguns’ Releases on STEAM Early Access – Trailer Inside

by Rob Caprilozzi

After a successful Greenlight campaign, Demons with Shotguns releases on Steam Early Access, June 25.


Demons with Shotguns is a fast paced local multiplayer arena shooter where you fight for the souls of your friends. The war between Heaven & Hell has peaked and spilled into the mortal realm where angels, demons and mankind battle it out for souls armed with one thing…shotguns!


“Demons with Shotguns is our answer to “what if the PC arena shooters of the 90s were released on SNES instead? What would that game look like?” said Nicholas DiMucci, founder of MindShaft Games. “We wanted to capture that frantic twitch style shooting action, yet have significant strategy involved. Learning a good defense through shield blocking and dashing will be critical to success.”


“The competitive local multiplayer game modes are virtually feature complete and highly polished for an Early Access title,” said Nicholas DiMucci. “We’re using this opportunity to not only balance and tweak the multiplayer game modes and arenas based on community feedback, but to also get feedback on the singleplayer & local co-op campaign which is in the early stages of development and will become available after the initial Early Access release.”


Demons with Shotguns features 40 different arenas across 4 different environments, each uniquely interactive. Players will be able to play 7 different competitive local multiplayer game modes, including classics such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag (dubbed appropriately, Capture the Soul), as well as game modes unique to Demons with Shotguns such as Soul Reaping, where players fight to drain opponents of their soul energy, while trying to maintain their own.



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