Dementium 2 HD Steam Trading Cards Available on Steam

Twelve new reasons have appeared to tempt you to back into the Bright Dawn Treatment Center.  It is time to collect some twisted Trading Cards, form some bloody Badges and earn some eerie Emoticons as the Dementium II HD Steam Trading Cards have gone live!


There are 12 Trading cards in all ranging from a number of the demented creatures you face such as the toothy Chest Maws, the Wendigo Witch and bloated Slime-Mines as well as the weapons needed to take them down. Keep collecting and earning badges from “Anxious” to full on “Psychosis” to show off how crazy you are about the game! 


Dementium II HD Features Include:

Steam Big Picture Mode with full controller support, Steam Achievements and Cloud Saves on Day 1 plus a twisted series of Steam Trading Cards.


Classic gameplay that balances action, exploration, story and puzzle elements into a single, unforgettable horror experience.


Hordes of unique, nightmarish enemies that require different strategies to defeat – plus ghostly new creatures that will chill you to the bone.


Engaging story-line that keeps you guessing throughout the entire game.


Multi-functional weapons to take out enemies and grant access to new areas.


Dementium II HD is available to buy on Steam at:


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