‘Death’s Realm’ Coming this Fall from Grey Matter Press

by Rob Caprilozzi

A fatal collision between life and death is coming to bookstores everywhere in the upcoming release, DEATH’S REALM, the new anthology of horror arriving this fall from Grey Matter Press.


The publisher of dark fiction, known for its bestselling titles of horror, science fiction, dark fantasy and speculative fiction, today announced the editorial line-up for its next volume of horror.


DEATH’S REALM, an anthology of 16 tales of terror that explore the interaction between life and death, will be published in October by the Chicago publisher, arriving in time for Halloween 2014.


“Somewhere ahead of each and every one of us lies a dark and enigmatic crossroads at which we will one day arrive,” said Anthony Rivera, publisher and editor at Grey Matter Press. “It’s this mysterious convergence in our future that we call the Death’s Realm. This intersection between the Here and the Hereafter is where the forces of life and death collide. And it’s here that the terrifying short stories in DEATH’S REALM are set.”


“DEATH’S REALM takes readers on a high-speed journey to bear witness to the unavoidable collision between the living and the dead, giving them a front row seat to the painful tragedies, personal anguish and terrifying events that take place when these two forces interact,” said Rivera.


“Horror fiction has forever shown us how the dead influence the world of the living,” explained editor Sharon Lawson. “But those of us yet to pass through the veil have an effect on the dead as well. Each of the stories in DEATH’S REALM offer a thought-provoking and unique glimpse into the always horrifying and often disturbing consequences when those on either side of the veil come into contact with their counterparts.”


Bram Stoker Award®-nominated editors Rivera and Lawson have been recognized by critics and fans alike for their ability to curate some of the most creative and heart-pounding works of modern dark fiction. DEATH’S REALM continues that trend with 16 never-before-published stories from a selection of powerhouse authors writing in the horror genre.


“The anthology is going to be a disturbing joyride of pain, pleasure and destruction for fans of dark horror fiction,” said Rivera.


DEATH’S REALM contains short stories from contributors that include two time Bram Stoker Award-winning author and World Fantasy Award nominee Hank Schwaeble; award-winning, Bram Stoker Award-nominated and Shirley Jackson Award-finalist Stephen Graham Jones; the Bram Stoker Award and Thriller nominated JG Faherty; editor-in-chief of the highly respected Jamais Vu magazine Paul Anderson; critically-acclaimed authors Jay Caselberg and John F.D. Taff; emerging masters of modern horror Aaron Polson, Gregory L. Norris and Martin Rose; co-authors known for their disturbing horror fiction, Simon Dewar and Karen Runge; reader and reviewer favorites Brian Fatah Steele, John C. Foster and Jane Brooks; the Lovecraft-influenced Rhoads Brazos; and authors of literary fiction Jay O’Shea and Matthew Pegg.


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