Deadworld – Quite Possibly The Best Zombie Comic Ever

by Rob Caprilozzi

by: Rob Caprilozzi


What if I told you that the best zombie comic of all time may NOT be The Walking Dead? Intrigued? Hope so. The comic I am talking about made its debut in the 1980’s and STILL published to this very day, Deadworld.

The best way to describe Deadworld to a newbie is “The Walking Dead” meets “Hellraiser.” If you think that Deadworld is trying to cash in on both franchises remember this, Deadworld debuted first.

In this article I hope to bring readers up to date with the series and open horror comic fans eyes to one of the most underrated zombie comic series out there. We hope you enjoy this special feature.

Before there was The Walking Dead there was the critically acclaimed DeadWorld comic book series.

A supernatural plague has been unleashed on the world. The dead return to walk the earth…but this is no standard zombie story. The dead are just soldiers for those who have crossed the Gateway. The leader zombies are intelligent, sadistic, and in addition to having a hankering for flesh, enjoy the tortuous ordeals they put the surviving humans through.

Leader of the zombies is the intelligent, Harley riding, sarcastic being known as King Zombie. Killing humans is just a sideline to his cruel methods as he seeks to find a way to open the gates permanently and take over the earth.

Deadworld is a horror comic that attacks the zombie menace from a different perspective. In addition to having intelligent zombies with a goal and mission, Deadworld is also exploring the human interactions as mankind finds itself facing extinction. While some groups organize in the best interests of self-preservation, others use this as an opportunity to explore their own self deluded dreams.

Deadworld is not just a zombie story, it is a story of survival and human perseverance. As the characters we come across struggle to adjust to this new world…this Deadworld…they find the nature of humanity as well. And it isn’t necessarily a pretty sight. But in a real world (even one that is set in a fictional setting such as this), it is expected that not all humans will have the same agenda…and not all humans will instantly bond with each against a common menace.

Deadworld is a story of horror…of survival…of hope and despair. It is an ongoing saga of modern man facing his darkest side…where science and technology are no longer his allies…where his power of reasoning is no longer his weapon alone. Deadworld is death, yet life.


Section 1: The Characters


King Zombie

At first, just one of the intelligent zombies, he soon began to take control over the others. Nothing is known of his previous existence but clues have been dropped that he may have been the person known as Fiderman. His favored mode of travel is a Harley-Davidson but he has also used a skeletal horse, trains, and other means. He is brutal, sarcastic, and un-ending in his quest to take control of this world.

King Zombie Deadworld

Demon Lord

The supposed ruler of the Deadworld, the incomplete opening of the gates left him weak. He later split into two entities, the force known as Amy and the human form of an imbecile called Percy. However, even when merged, he couldn’t regain full power and was incapacitated by King Zombie.  He has not shown up again so whether he is still an entity is unknown.

Demon Lord Deadworld


Strong and powerful creatures that served as the personal weapons of King Zombie. Very fast, these creatures are eyeless, have four arms, and a long reptilian like tail. Originally six came over the first time and more came when the gate was forced open partially. The second batch were bigger and stronger and may have been adults.  The grakken seem to be manifestations of creatures from the ‘other side’ blended with animals here, even humans.

Grakken Deadworld


The supernatural entity of the Demon Lord which inhabited a number of bodies before joining up with Percy to become the Demon Lord Master.  At first lost and aimless, “Amy” was seeking her other half to become complete.  The other half proved to be Percy but even when merged, there was not enough of the dark force to restore full power and apparently, Amy and Percy together met their demise at the hands of King Zombie who has taken control of the entire zombie force.

Amy Deadworld


Nothing is known of her first existence. She appeared as a necrophiliac zombie that took an immediate liking to Bowker. She was killed by Dead-Killer but came back in the tattooed form of a young woman. Then she was killed by Bowker. Taking over the body of a dying soldier, she found another female form and had the figure tattooed in an attempt to appease Bowker. She continues to take over new bodies and each time, tattoos them in order to create a testimony to her “life”.

Vamp Deadworld


Mosaic is a semi-intelligent zombie.  Nothing is known of his past but he has a rudimentary understanding that he is a zombie and he craves live flesh…but not to eat but rather to strip it off and sew it onto himself.  In a vain effort to capture life, Mosaic believes that he can return to life if he has live skin.  At the end of Restoration, it is discovered that he was “created” by the twisted doctor now known as Beezlebub.

Mosaic Deadworld


Dan was one of the original teens on the schoolbus that introduced Deadworld.  During the zombie siege on the riverboat, Dan was hit by the dark force that King Zombie is seemingly composed of and it seemed to give him a sixth sense… the ability to sense zombies.  Over the series, Dan has maintained his independence and is essentially a loner, although he has recently captured Deake but is not sure of what the value of Deake is.

Dan Deadworld


Joey is the younger brother of John and relished the idea of killing zombies until he began to realize the horror of it all.  He has been separated from his brother for a long time and at times has been hooked up with Dan and also the lepers.  He joined the kid group known as the Scavengers who struggle to survive on their own.  He has had to grow up fast in this new world.

Joey Deadworld


Donna was one of the original teens and had a budding relationship with Dan but that was more of a case of teen love.  However, as events have unfolded, Donna has been impacted more than most humans surviving.  Separated from the others, she was captured by a motorcycle gang and then later forced to service the soldiers at Safe Haven. She was killed by Mosaic but resuscitated soon after but it was too late as the Vamp had taken over her body.  As the entity known as Tattoo, Donna and Vamp shared the same body as half human/half zombie until just recently when they were separated but it is unknown at this time if Donna has recuperated fully.

Donna Deadworld


An eccentric genius, Deake has explored the dark arts and some say he is the one that opened the gates that allowed the dark force ton enter the planet and give rise to the dead.  However, no one knows for sure if that is Deake’s belief or if it actually happened as it isn’t sure what unleashed the dead.  But just in case, Deake has become an important pawn in the struggle between the living and dead as King Zombie wants him so he can close this world off from the living once and for all, and of course, the scientists want him so they can prevent that.  Deake may be the key to everything…or may be just a crazed old man.

Deake Deadworld


Bower is the ultimate survivor.  First he served as the henchman of Moloch but soon found himself doing the same for the zombies, specifically King Zombie. He travels between the living and dead quite easily and understands the motivation on each side.  The question with Bowker is whether he truly is just out for his own survival or is he playing some kind of master game, one that only he comprehends. 

Bowker Deadworld


One of the first leaders of the humans, Moloch seeks to re-establish civilization but under his terms, of course.  He has built a rag-tag army but one of mixed loyalties.  He continues to try and establish a stronghold that can hold off the zombies and at the same time, find a way to expand his power.  He knows King Zombie is the key to ending it all and he understands the importance of Deake.  His mistress is Reyna, and some think it is she that actually rules things.

Moloch Deadworld

Mike Hunter

Mike was one of the teens on the bus that first introduced us to Deadworld.  Self appointed leader of the group but not really listened to.  He was jealous of Dan’s natural leadership and relationship with Donna.  After his capture in Safe Haven (the Slaughterhouse), he was a victim of the leprosy experimentation and became a leper. He finally earned the respect of others as he was the leader, after Rand, of the Lepers.  He was killed at the end of War of the Dead by the woman he loved, Donna who at that time was half zombie and half human

Mike Deadworld

Dead Killer

Dead Killer is not known to have any other name and he doesn’t refer to himself as that but as his legend grew, it was what he was called.  Nothing is known about his past but when the zombie apocalypse came, he saw it as a way of testing himself and he hunted zombies for sport.  Now he realizes the stakes are much higher and he has his sights set on eliminating the King Zombie once and for all.

Deadkiller Deadworld


Reyna is the consort of Moloch, the anointed leader of the city in the area where Deadworld currently takes place.  She has learned to use her charm and beauty to get what she wants.  At first, it was for simple survival but she has learned to ply her skills to put herself in a position of power.  However, leading a life of manipulation has left her with no one to trust and no one trusts her either.

Reyna Deadworld


Section 2: The Comics

There have been many issues of Deadworld, but where is the right place to start to get the whole story?

We have worked with the writer of Deadworld, Gary Reed to put together a list of Deadworld titles that are easy to find, won’t cost a fortune, and will give you the complete story to catch you up to date on this epic zombie tale.


Deadworld: Requiem For The World

Deadworld Requiem comic Deadworld Requiem comic Deadworld Requiem comic

Deadworld rebooted!  A supernatural holocaust is  unleashed  and a group of teens look for safety and sanity in this zombie plagued world.  When they come across an even greater threat than the walking dead—-intelligent zombies—they realize just how bleak things are.  See why this was hailed as one of the essential horror titles of the last 25 years by From the Tomb Magazine.        

The new introduction to Deadworld continues as the teens, venturing in a school bus, find they may have a way out of their current predicament.  They can survive the intelligent King Zombie but only if they agree to an exchange…one of their own in order to gain safety.  Deadworld has been called the “grand-daddy” of all zombie comics by the review site, Super Heavy Weight Comics.           

Forced to abandon their bus, the teens stumble across a riverboat.  But unknown to them, the new plans of the King Zombie have trapped them into a fateful decision and not all of the teens are going to survive.  See why labeled Deadworld as “the best of the zombie comics I’ve read.”      

Dan faces the terror of gazing into the eyes of the King Zombie before he is left for dead.  The surviving teens manage to find security on the boat, but the boat people have their own designs on making it in this new world.  The intelligent zombies make a startling find…they can inhabit new bodies.  Now, how do you kill a zombie that can switch bodies?     

Dan, on his own, finds a reclusive sanctuary that answers many questions but brings forth even more new ones.  The constant signal for a refuge called Safe Haven temps all the survivors in this new world, but will it truly be a place of safety?    The boat people also find out a new trick about the zombies…they can swim.  

Wrapping up the rebooted story arc, the battle for the humans on the boats plunges the humans into a desperate race against the ever increasing horde of zombies. When a last minute rescue from the Safe Haven community arrives to continue the fight, hope glimmers.  But as the teens will learn, not everything is as it seems. 


Deadworld: Slaughterhouse


Welcome to the Deadworld! In this self contained story arc, many humans find themselves trapped in a world of the walking dead and the living who will do anything to survive. The promise of Safe Haven reveals a much darker and sinister purpose, when victims find themselves in a medical facility which will stop at nothing to combat the zombie plague. In an effort to solve the growing plague, researchers try a scientific approach to save mankind—humans as guinea pigs! Natural diseases such as leprosy, AIDS, and cancer are used to infect the zombies. Survivors find that the greatest horror may not be the zombies but other humans. To the unfortunate, Safe Haven becomes known as the Slaughterhouse.

The major characters here have all appeared previously in the comic series although the role of Dr. Slaugher was expanded considerably. It was also revealed that since their arrival at Safe Haven (aka the Slaugherhouse), Mike was the victim of leprosy experimentation and became a leper while Donna was put into a facility to serve as as a prostitute to service the military.

Curtis and Maggie, the leaders on the steamboat that brought in the teens were sacrificed early on as victims of another experiment.

At the end of Slaugherhouse, Clarence was taken over by one of the intelligent zombies and Donna died at the hands of Mosaic but was brought back to life immediately after but the Vamp had already entered her body so now, both the Vamp and Donna share the same body.


Deadworld: War of the Dead

Deadworld: War of the Dead Deadworld: War of the Dead Deadworld: War of the Dead

The zombies have over run the Earth!  A small outpost, remnants of a twisted scientists’ scheme to defeat the plague holds out against the army of King Zombie.  Their secret weapon are the Lepers-victims of a bizarre experiment that left them with dead flesh in breathing husks with flesh that even zombies won’t touch.  This new series of Deadworld is perfect for new readers to join in the frenzy of what has been called the “grand-daddy” of all zombie comics.

This full color five issue series released by IDW and maintained a weekly schedule through the month of August 2012.  It is written by Gary Reed and Illustrated by Sami Makkonen, known for his work on Hatter M, the graphic novel series of the  NY Times bestselling Looking Glass Wars by author Frank Beddor.

Deadworld: War of the Dead #1 (of 5)
The zombies have over run the Earth!  A small outpost, remnants of a twisted scientists’ scheme to defeat the plague holds out against the army of King Zombie.  Their secret weapon are the Lepers-victims of a bizarre experiment that left them with dead flesh in breathing husks with flesh that even zombies won’t touchThis new series of Deadworld is perfect for new readers to join in the frenzy of what has been called the “grand-daddy” of all zombie comics.

Deadworld: War of the Dead #2 (of 5)
The lepers, with their dead and decaying flesh, brace themselves for the zombie onslaught. Rand, the leader, pushes for a confrontation soon as he knows the lepers are the only hope, and most of them are closer to death than they’d like to admit.   It is a war of intelligence versus primal instinct—the will to survive against the craving for flesh.  King Zombie reveals his plans to Bowker who now understands why the King wants the townspeople…alive. 

Deadworld: War of the Dead #3 (of 5)
Dan joins Mike and Donna at the town but he knows there is little hope for survival.  His mission since the Slaughterhouse was destroyed was to find Donna, the woman he loved.  But she had become infected with the presence of an intelligent zombie and was now half human and half zombie.  Dan is torn between saving her or killing her.  He knows he must make the choice.

Deadworld: War of the Dead #4 (of 5)
The leader of the town decides to accept the offer of King Zombie.  The humans will give themselves up and become the “cattle” of the zombies.  Some will have to be sacrificed but most will survive…for awhile.  To many of the humans, the odds seems to be on their side, even if short term.   Donna feels her zombie side manifest itself when she is in the presence of the King.  Will she have to choose whether to be human or zombie?

Deadworld: War of the Dead #5 (of 5)
King Zombie makes his ultimate gambit as he decides that what every great King needs…is a great Queen.  Dan, stunned by the humans’ passive acceptance of their fate, knows that to defeat an army, you must cut off its head.  In a world of death, even characters that have been around since the very first issue of Deadworld, will not survive.


Deadworld: Restoration

Deadworld Deadworld Deadworld

With the lepers slaughtered, the human breeding pits abandoned, and the King Zombie appearing disposed, the survivors of New Washington can continue their plan to bring the zombies under control.  But Donna, the half-human/half-zombie hybrid is searching for her daughter and she’ll destroy anything and anyone in her path to find her.  When the grakken, four armed killing machines are unleashed, the zombies have a new ally, one far more vicious than the brain dead zombies.

Issue 1
The zombie classic returns in an all new series from the same creative team that brought you the acclaimed War of the Dead.  The lepers have been slaughtered, the people who escaped the breeder pits head for the safety of New Washington, and now the zombies are under the control of Donna, the half-human/half-zombie hybrid.  With King Zombie dead, she leads the zombies.  Or does she?

Issue 2
Dan keeps Deake, the crazed lunatic who claims he unleashed the supernatural holocause, as a prisoner. When they come across a mad scientist with his own plans to end the zombie menace, they also find themselves in New Washington.  Bowker is forced to come to Moloch for a trade as the Dead Killer hunts for the flesh peeling creature known as Mosaic.

Issue 3
The few leper survivors find out about the strength and ferocity of the grakken while Bowker must confront Moloch and the two of them, put their plans into motion.  But are they really working together?  Donna, still desperate to retrieve her daughter sends a massive army of zombies to attack New Washington. Continuing the saga of the long running zombie classic!

Issue 4
Bowker finds out about Project Lazarus as Moloch sets a new plan into motion.  Donna must choose between her undead and human side in the midst of the zombie attack on New Washington.  Dan is torn between his love for the  woman who controls the zombies.  Dead Killer leads the remaining lepers in a last ditch effort to stop the grakken before they breed even more.

Issue 5
The conclusion to the latest edition to the zombie classic!  For Bowker, things go horribly wrong as he must deal with Donna’s deal with Moloch.  He may survive but at what cost?  Dan must decide between rescuing the woman he loves in Donna or saving Deake, the lunatic who may be able to turn the tide against the zombies.  And a new hope appears…or does it?


Voices from the Deadworld

Voices for Deadworld

Voices of the Deadworld is a chronicle of the Deadworld and told by the characters who experience the horror of a supernatural holocaust unleashed on Earth. Each entry will have an illustrated single scene accompanied by a narration of a character that ties in directly with the scene.

Featuring artwork from 50 different artists, Voices of the Deadworld, not only serves as an interesting foray into a zombie infested world but also provides a unique manner of covering the events and history of the long running comic series. Although not told in specific chronological order, the book enlightens readers with a multiple perspectives on this new world and how they dealt with it…or not.


There you have it! What is listed above is all the content you need to become fully immersed in Deadworld.

For traditionalists and those that want to collect every single Deadworld issue ever, we have included most of the Deadworld collection below.


DEADWORLD – Volume 1

Deadworld comic Deadworld issue Deadworld horror comic

Issue 1

We are introduced to our main cast of characters as they hide out in a school bus trying to find out what happened to their world and how it has become a world of zombies. The initial group consists of JOHN and his younger brother, JOEY. Two friends who are known for their stance on anti-authority and suspected of being dope pushers, MICKEY and DAN. MIKE, who is the self-appointed leader and his girlfriend, CHRIS, and DONNA who has fallen for Dan. With the exception of Joey, all are older teens. The group tries to figure out what they should do and accumulate supplies. They decide to leave the Baton Rouge area and head west, towards California.

We also meet a group of zombies, and it appears to be a ring of three intelligent zombies that are the leaders. The three intelligent zombies ride motorcycles as they lead the attack on the bus. Stunned by the appearance of the zombies on bikes, the group hesitates before regaining their composure and fighting the zombies off. John is seriously hurt. Two of the intelligent zombies are killed, leaving only the third…the being soon to be known as KING ZOMBIE. (aka KZ)

Issue 2

The group is on the run in their bus, only to find themselves out of gas. Dan and Mike head off to a small town to gather supplies, leaving the rest of the group. We are introduced to DEAKE who is running through the woods, plagued by visions. Little is known yet about him, except that he is “the only one” left.

John recovers as Mike and Dan find themselves trapped in the town of Slaughter. They manage to fight their way out, stealing a truck to head back towards their companions. Unknown to them, King Zombie is on their trail.

Issue 3

The teens barely manage to survive an attack while driving through a small city and lose most of their supplies. Deake has a confrontation with a DEMON LORD who mentions the name of FIDERMAN.

The bus is deemed unacceptable for our group and when they come across a riverboat on the Mississippi River, they figure it would be safer to be in the water, away from the zombies. Once on the boat, they figure they’re safe. They do not realize that King Zombie is leading the mass army of zombies to the boat…the water not being a hindrance at all.

Dan runs into King Zombie and is knocked out of the boat into the swarm of zombies. The others find themselves completely surrounded by the zombies…on the boat…and in the water.

Issue 4

The attack begins and most of the group is holed up. To their horror, they find out that young Joey is elsewhere and John (Joey’s brother) has a confrontation with Mike (the leader). No one is to try and rescue Joey…he has to survive on his own. After hearing screams from Joey, the group decides to split up and find him. They also find out that Dan is gone. The group decides to torch the boat, burning up all of the zombies on board.

Mickey is killed while trying to set zombies on fire. As the group plunges into the water, they are horrified to see that Chris didn’t make it as she is torn apart by the zombies. Of the original seven, Mickey, Dan, and Chris are gone…leaving only four survivors.

Issue 5

A gateway opens in the sky and from their, come five hideous creatures. Four arms and built for power and speed, these are the GRAKKEN…and they are killing machines. They attack a family and show their vicious nature.

The group, camping in the wilderness, is surprised as Deake crashes their camp. Deake fills them in with what he knows. Deake explains that he was an apprentice to JUSTIN LANSBURY, a warlock. A series of ancient spells was to unlock a parallel universe, unfortunately, it was one of negative images. Lansbury was taken over by an evil entity (the Demon Lord). Deake fled and has been running ever since, until he came to the group. Deake explains that he has the power to close the gate and end the zombie menace.

On their travels, our group…with Deake in tow, find a house in the woods. The family there is a secluded one, unknown to most of their neighbors except a small community (also hidden) and (as they proudly claim) the IRS. It consists of a the parents a grandfather, a married couple and their two daughters (BETTY and JULIE.) The group finds safety and almost a normal life there as they decide to stay. John and Betty develop a relationship.

King Zombie and the Grakken find another family nearby and with their methods, find out about the whereabouts of our group.

Issue 6

The mother is killed by King Zombie as the zombies have captured the house. King Zombie tortures some of the group and cuts off three of Mike’s fingers. King Zombie finds out about Deake and his role in opening the gate and KZ realizes he has the missing piece he needs to open the gates fully and take over the world completely. As he is about to tear up Betty, a stranger who has been watching from outside, suddenly starts blasting away. It causes the zombies to flee but King Zombie manages to keep Deake with him. The stranger is revealed to be Dan who has survived the riverboat battle, after all.

Issue 7

The group, now with Dan more in charge, decide to leave. The family stays behind. King Zombie soon discovers that Deake has trouble completing the spell as he doesn’t have the necessary books.

Dan informs the group that he seems to have some kind of sensory perception towards zombies. The others are doubtful until Dan leads them to where the gate opening is going to occur. Dan stays there as Deake begins the ritual. Dan realizes that he can’t save Deake, so he has to kill him to prevent the gate opening. Dan misses his opportunity and is surrounded by zombies.

As Dan is running for his life, he realizes that he will soon be killed. Suddenly, he is saved by a figure in military fatigues. It is Sgt. Bowker. Dan is escorted to a helicopter where he finds out the rest of the group is as well. They’re saved.

The helicopter fires on the zombies at the ritual, causing them to end the ritual. Deake manages to flee.

Issue 8

The group is ecstatic that they can now join a civilized force. While on the copter, Dan overhears what the real situation is…they have been rescued only to become “zombie chow.” Too late and the group now realize the fate in store for them. Punk and Eddie are two of Bowker’s men and they escort the group to the “layaway”, a holding compound full of prisoners. Inside the dark warehouse, the group discovers some of the family they have left earlier is there…Betty and Julie. The grandfather and father are both dead.

MOLOCH is introduced as the leader of the para-military group and he conducts cruel games as humans must fight against other humans in a gladiator type game. His mistress is REYNA.

Bowker and Moloch decide they have to investigate more of what happened with the ritual and the possibility of a new type of creature, the Grakken.

Issue 9

Betty explains what happened and how they were captured. She informs them how some of the people are taken away from the compound and never seen again. A strange character that eats bugs attaches himself to the group, and he is known as PERCY.

Some of the games are revealed as we are introduced to the madman, WOLVERINE, who slaughters zombies as a spectator sport.

Bowker, Punk, and Eddie join Moloch in a special rendezvous to see for themselves about the area where the ritual was held. Mike is with them. The helicopter has a battle with the group of zombies led by KZ and Moloch declares that he wants King Zombie captured…alive.

Dan decides to break out of the warehouse and sets his plan into motion.

Issue 10

Mike is being tortured by hanging upside down from the helicopter over the zombies. Moloch wants answers to what Mike knows but Mike doesn’t know what else to tell him. Wolverine continues to tear up the zombies and demands a tougher challenge. Dan and John find a way out of the warehouse via an air duct.

As King Zombie watches the helicopter, he is also trailing Deake’s footprints. He is stunned when the footprints suddenly disappear.

The group begins their escape. The young girl, Julie, falls asleep and John carries her. As the others watch, they realize that Julie has turned into a zombie and she quickly tears into John’s neck.

Punk and Eddie, the misfits of Bowker’s group, forget to secure the knot as they bob Mike up and down over the zombies to get information. The rope slips and Mike plunges into the grasp of the zombies. He is quickly attacked.

Of the original group of seven, now only Dan, Joey, and Donna remain.

In the back up story, another intelligent zombie who calls herself AMY shows the power of the intelligent zombies as she inhabits a freshly killed body. She is “rescued” by a survivalist group.

Issue 11

As Mike is being devoured by the zombies, King Zombie and the Grakken attack the helicopter and manage to damage the blades, forcing the copter to the ground. The zombies move in for the kill.

Joey, after seeing his brother’s neck ripped out by Julie, beats her to a pulp. Dan, Joey, Donna, Betty, and Percy escape through the air duct. Unfortunately for them, the air duct crashes into a group of guards.

King Zombie lays a trap for Moloch and the others.

In the back up, Amy “hides” as a human but soon reveals herself. She attacks a group of them including a woman known as LAURA.

Issue 12

Dan and the others try and resist the guards they crashed in on and Betty is shot in the head. The resistance is over. Dan is thrown into the ring with Wolverine. Now, it’s a duel between two live people and Dan is on his way to losing.

Another helicopter comes to aid Moloch. It is found that they have found someone running through the woods…it is Deake. They help to fight off King Zombie and the Grakken but now KZ knows where Deake will be.

The Amy back up feature has the woman Laura as the only survivor of the intelligent zombie. She knows that she doesn’t have a chance against Amy.

Issue 13

Moloch’s mistress, Reyna, forces Wolverine to release Dan and she takes him to her quarters. King Zombie receives a report of the military city from other intelligent zombies, one of who is referred to as VAMP. She specializes in necrophillia (since she’s dead…but that doesn’t stop her sex drive).

Dan overhears the talk of the mission and realizes that Mike is dead. He is surprised when Reyna comes to him…and forces him to have sex with her.

Moloch realizes that zombies are making a coordinated attack against the city and mobilizes the forces, unaware of what Reyna is up to. Dan knocks Reyna out and escapes during the commotion of the city under attack.

Moloch has ordered all of the people in the warehouse to be set free…to provide a distraction and food for the invading zombies. Joey gets separated from Donna and Percy.

Amy catches Laura but Laura blows them both up with a grenade. Now, Amy is trapped inside a skull with no means of moving.

Issue 14

The carnage is widespread as the city is under full-scale attack. Joey finally gets his chance to kill zombies and makes the most of it. Dan and he finally hook up. They realize that Donna is missing and they decide to search for her. But because of the over-whelming number of zombies, Dan decides that he will never find her and leaves on a motorcycle with Joey on the back. During the battle, Deake is captured by Reyna….Moloch is injured and after a helicopter crashes, Bowker is left behind.

The battle is over, the zombies have captured the city. Vamp confronts Bowker who lies trapped under the rubble.

Issue 15

Donna wakes up from a dream of being married to Dan…who turns into a zombie. Her and Percy are captured by a motorcycle gang of humans. Donna is raped but Percy, being an imbecile, is left alone.

Dan and Joey are shocked when they are invaded by zombies while hiding out. To their surprise, they find out that the zombies aren’t attacking, just walking right past them. They decide to follow the mindless horde.

In the city, King Zombie and Vamp discover that all of their zombie troops are also leaving…as if following some magical call. They too decide to find out what is going on.

Dan and Joey discover the source of the zombie herding…a Voodoo Queen has summoned them all and she seemingly can control them all. In the crowd, King Zombie is seen and the plan for the voodoo clan is to utilize King Zombie to try and control all of the zombies and monsters. King Zombie is under her spell and even a suspicious Dan can’t goad him out of it.

Issue 16

Dan, weaponless, still distrusts that KZ is actually under the spell. He yells at Joey to blast King Zombie away. After a number of shots, we realize Joey has missed him. As the Voodoo Queen commands King Zombie to destroy the zombies, she suddenly realizes that he was, indeed, faking it and tears her apart.

Bowker agrees to help Vamp because he wants revenge on Moloch for leaving him behind. It is discovered that Punk and Eddie are hidden in the truck that Bowker is in.

Donna is forced to fight for survival in the motorcycle gang and kills the leader’s girlfriend so that she can take her place. Donna in no longer the helpless victim, she realizes that she must do anything she can to survive. The gang may be the only thing to keep her and Percy alive.

Dan and Joey flee, taking King Zombie’s bike with them. After crashing, they hop on a small boat and the plan is to try to go to Washington, D.C. in a vain hope that maybe, civilization will be there.

Issue 17

A considerable amount of time has passed since the previous issue. We find that Dan and Joey have found a sizable city and decided to stay. Both of them soon establish themselves sin the city as Dan takes on the role of a car mechanic and Joey becomes a student. This city is trying to reestablish civilization. Jenny and Marla are Joey and Dan’s girlfriends, respectively. The city is attempting to bring a sense of normalcy to the crazed and deadly world.

In the back up story, a special force zombie is sent on a mission to observe and takes over a host body of a man who is going after his wife, holed up in a grocery store.

Issue 18

King Zombie meets the Demon Lord and we find out that he serves the Lord. KZ is chastised for not capturing Deake fast enough.

King Zombie captures some bikers and steals the bike. One of the bikers recognizes King Zombie as his previous incarnation…but only the words “you’re Fid—” come out before he is killed.

The city where Dan and Joey are staying witness a sky opening, unaware that it is bringing recruitment to help King Zombie. Many of the townspeople haven’t’ had conflicts with the zombies and doubt some of the stories that Dan and Joey tell them.

In the back up, we find the man kills his wife but the force of the zombie enters her anyways…then we find out that she was pregnant and the zombie force has taken over the body of the unborn baby. Shot, the zombie force leaves in time…and now we find out how she picked up the name of Amy, as that was to be the name of the baby.

Issue 19

Dan decides that he and Joey have to leave the city. Conditions are getting worse on the outside and trying to hide within a “normal” city isn’t helping, just delaying the inevitable.

A new group of humans is introduced. This group is from Michigan. John is the leader and he is joined by a college student, Stacey. Stacey is a woman who realizes that everyone, men and women, must deal with the new world and resign themselves to that fact.

Wayne and Albert are two men sharing a motorcycle and coming from Buffalo. They are heading to Traverse City because that’s where Albert’s parents are. Wayne is just along for the ride…he is a survivor and intends to teach Albert the ways and means of survival.

The back up feature introduces the man known only as the Dead-killer. He has immersed himself in this new world and is willing to deal with it. He attacks zombies with only hand weapons to test himself.

Issue 20

Joey resists leaving the city but he won’t let Dan leave alone.

Kirk is a member of a loosely organized group that refuses to take the threat seriously. They hunt down zombies for sport and set them on fire. Kirk and others decide to leave the Appalachians because they know that disaster awaits them in this group.

Wayne and Albert find themselves forced to watch a family fall to the zombies but realize they would only get themselves killed if they tried to help.

Stacey assists John in his decisions and the two of them finally fulfill their suppressed desires and get together. Stacey realizes that John still has memories of his dead wife…whom he had to kill after she became a zombie.

Kirk and his friend are trapped by zombies and Kirk finds himself alone in the woods, surrounded by zombies.

In the back up feature, the Dead-Killer decides to hunt down King Zombie but KZ sets a trap for him. Dead-Killer barely manages to escape and witnesses up close, the incredible power of the Grakkens.

Issue 21

After Dan and Joey have left the city, we find out that the city was over-run by the zombies.

Kirk finds a way of hiding from the zombies as he dons the skin of a zombie and slips between the zombies.

Wayne provides a service of cleaning out houses of zombies for ammo and food in a small village.

In the backup, the Dead-Killer lays his own trap for King Zombie but there is just far too many of them. He manages to escape but not before he discovers that he was bitten in the hand, even despite his precautions. Before the “zombie” infection can take hold, he cuts off his own hand to save his life.

Issue 22

John must kill one of his own men as he was bitten by a zombie.

Kirk finds himself trapped by zombies again and comes across a pilot flying a small plane and manages to join him in escaping.

John’s men on a hunting party see some movement and they lay an ambush for the zombies that are coming towards them.

A flashback on the city where Jenny and Marla deal with the loss of their boyfriends and the threat of the zombies coming.

Issue 23

In the flashback of the city, it is revealed that King Zombie has tortured some of the people and found about Dan and Joey and that they were there. That puts him in the hunt of them.

Jenny and Marla are dead.

Moloch, Reyna, and Deake join up with another para-military organization but Moloch is not in charge…more of a prisoner. The leader of the new group agrees with Reyna’s plan as they get together and Reyna is willing to let Moloch be killed.

Bowker and the Vamp continue their search for Moloch…Bowker for revenge and the Vamp to get Deake.

King Zombie has more help delivered to him. It is a creature known as an Oracle who have special sensory abilities to find those attuned to gate openings. The oracle senses one and King Zombie is not happy about where…up north in Michigan.

Donna continues to survive with the bikers and actively betters herself through training and weight lifting. She will no longer be a victim…of anyone. Percy wants to find Dan and Joey but Donna refuses, after all, they left her behind.

John’s men, waiting for the figures to approach, point their guns at the target. Suspecting zombies, they are actually drawing a bead on Wayne and Albert.

Issue 24

Albert and Wayne are lying on the ground. Shots have just rung out. Albert rolls Wayne over to discover a bullet in the head. Wayne was his only hope for survival and now he runs out of sheer terror until he is captured.

Kirk leaves the airplane for a small city, as he can’t stand being with the pilot anymore. He finds a city that was a battleground and is surprised to hear music. When he goes inside a bar, he runs into an escaped convict, Clarence.

King Zombie takes his army of zombies on a train to head up north.

Clarence tells his tale of being in prison when the zombie plague hit. Trapped inside the prison, it was a massacre but he managed to get out. He and Kirk decide to hook up. Clarence wants to find a small group of survivalist show won’t ask questions about his past.

Albert is brought into the camp where John and Stacey are. They find out that a group of humans have taken over the town of Wolverine and they have to go through and know that the humans will attack them for their supplies, horses, guns…and women. They have to find a way around the town.

Clarence and Kirk find themselves on the “safe” road, designated by zombies hung upside down on crosses as they continue up north.

Issue 25

Clarence and Kirk help out a straggler who is part of John’s group and they are brought to John. They decide to join up with John. John doesn’t want them to come along as he feels they are killers but Stacey points out that is what they need…people who aren’t afraid to kill other humans as well as zombies.

King Zombie arrives near Wolverine and allows his army of zombies to take a “lunch break” at a nursing home. He takes over the town, knowing that a band of people, including the one that the oracles senses is a gate opener must pass through the town.

The townspeople led by John and Clarence navigate through the river, which allows them to get through Wolverine. But as they come up to the Mackinaw Bridge to get to the Upper Peninsula, they find the way is blocked by 100’s of cars, 1000’s of zombies, and of course, King Zombie at the front.

Issue 26

The Oracle tells King Zombie that the sense of the gate opener comes form an unborn fetus. King Zombie says the hell with it and decides to wipe them all out…he’ll find another gate opener. He can’t wait for the birth and then for the kid to learn to talk before opening the gates.

John’s townspeople lead the zombies into Fort Mackinac to slaughter them while Stacey leads the women over the bridge.  Like a cattle slaughter, the zombies are trapped in the fort as the men fire down at them. Stacey handles all of the zombies on the bridge and manages to wipe them out. She then blows up the bridge.

John and the others barely make it over, before the bridge is blown completely apart. They are safe.

Volume one ends with King Zombie heading back south. John, Stacey, Kirk, Clarence, and Albert in the Upper Peninsula. Donna and Percy still with the motorcycle gang. Dan and Joey on their own, destination and whereabouts unknown.


DEADWORLD – The Dead Killer Saga

Deadworld to kill a king Deadworld to kill a king Deadworld to kill a king

To Kill a King #1

Dead Killer, now with a stiletto blade replacing his missing hand, finds out that King Zombie and the Vamp, accompanied by Bowker, are utilizing a small carnival as a rendezvous point. When he arrives to track down KZ, he finds some of the people involved in the “freak show” are held prisoner. The group consists of a strongman, a clown, a tattoo girl, a tumbler, a fat man, and some other workers. Dead Killer surmises they’re being herded like cattle to serve as food.

The Vamp talks to Bowker…she is upset as her current body is falling apart. It is obvious that the Vamp has developed a fondness for Bowker, although it certainly isn’t reciprocated. As Bowker leaves in disgust over Vamp’s sexual suggestions, he is captured by Dead-Killer. They plan a rescue but Bowker betrays Dead-Killer. After all, he wants to be on the winning side.

Tied up in the funhouse, Vamp begins to torture Dead Killer but he manages to break free. He slices his knife through the head of Vamp. Bowker, meanwhile, finds the tattoo girl very attractive and she seems to be enamored with him as well. King Zombie and one of the Grakkens go inside the funhouse to find out what’s going on.

Dead-Killer blows the Grakken’s head apart and King Zombie runs out of the funhouse with Dead Killer in hot pursuit. Dead-killer captures KZ and gets all of the carnival people free.

Then, in a moment of anticipation, Dead-Killer lops off the head of King Zombie.

To Kill a King #2

The carnival people are stunned. King Zombie is actually dead. They mourn their friend, the fat man who died of a heart attack earlier trying to fight off the zombies. The carnival people want revenge and start tearing into the zombies.

To their surprise, the fat man is among them. They had thought he’d died but as the fat man approaches the Vamp and Bowker, they realize it isn’t the fat man anymore…the body has been taken over by King Zombie!

Dead-Killer watches a small village and we know that he is a frequent visitor to this village as he watches the woman known as Katherine from afar. She has come here to fit into some kind of civilization but Dead-killer isn’t ready to join the human race.

Bowker finds himself desiring the tattoo girl and manages to get her into bed. He finally, after all this time, has a living woman who wants him instead of the necrophilic Vamp. After they make love, the tattoo girl informs Bowker that it is indeed Vamp, who had taken over the body of the tattoo girl. Bowker was tricked.

King Zombie, now in his fat man body, makes a deal with three humans to track down the Dead Killer. As they enter the town, they kill some of the people and King Zombie takes Katherine with him back to the carnival.

Dead Killer comes into the town…he has finally ventured into it. After all, the King Zombie dead and maybe he can finally look for some sort of regular life. But he realizes it is a trap. He fights the three humans and kills two of them.

King Zombie shows Katherine the power of his race as he stands before her and cuts off all of the fat off the body, taking it down to bone and muscle only.

To Kill a King #3

Dead-Killer realizes he is being tracked by the third human bounty hunter and sets a trap for him. He finds out where King Zombie is and heads off towards the carnival, knowing it is a trap. Bowker turns down an offer from Katherine who would give anything to get away but Bowker knows that he doesn’t have a chance against KZ and Vamp. KZ makes Bowker watch as the rest of the carnival people are slaughtered. Vamp rescues Bowker from the sight as she takes him in a truck to go and find out about another city they had heard about. It is a sign of compassion from Vamp who obviously loves Bowker and is frustrated by his lack of feeling for her.

Katherine is tied up in the middle of the carnival, an obvious trap for Dead-Killer…but he comes anyway. He has no choice. King Zombie lets Katherine go in exchange for Dead-Killer to stay behind. KZ ties up Dead-Killer and then breaks his legs.

As Bowker and Vamp are leaving, they find out that some people are heading towards them. Bowker wants to run but Vamp says they have to go back and get KZ.

KZ is about to kill Dead Killer when shots ring out from the hill above. KZ runs off, leaving Dead-Killer…alive. We find out that it was Bowker that shot KZ although the Vamp doesn’t realize that. Katherine comes to Dead-Killer and tells him that the people of the village came to save him…after all, he is part of the human race.

The Survivors (a prose short story in Dead-Killer one shot)

At the time, he didn’t know her name but it would later be revealed to be Katherine. The story tells of how Katherine and her husband had escaped to the woods in order to try and survive. The Dead-Killer admires her, perhaps he is even falling in love with her. He appreciates her strength. Her husband was killed by zombie…because he was careless. Shot by other humans who mistook him for a zombie. The Dead Killer had found him and cut him up so that Katherine would think it was the work of zombies. But she knew the truth.

Katherine was pregnant and had delivered a baby boy. She wouldn’t let anyone see it and the Dead-Killer assumed the worse…somehow, the baby was a zombie. He couldn’t let it survive.

One day Katherine called him in for a favor. She showed Dead-killer the boy. He wasn’t a zombie. But he was blind and retarded. Katherine knew he wouldn’t be able to survive in this world and she didn’t ever want him becoming a zombie. She asked if Dead-Killer could do a favor and he agreed.

As Katherine stepped outside, Dead-killer approached the blind and retarded boy with a pillow. The boy would die as a human.


DEADWORLD – Volume 2

Deadworld volume 2 Deadworld comic Deadworld issue

This picks up after the events of volume one and the To Kill a King mini-series.

A considerable amount of time has passed. King Zombie’s body pretty much looks the same as before and all of the characters are in the same location they were at the end of volume one.

Issue 1

Opens up with John traveling through a blizzard as he searches for his son. John realizes that he went out too far and zombies are all around him. He won’t survive. He strips down and allows himself to freeze, hoping that he freezes to death before the zombies find him.

It is revealed that Stacey and John’s relationship had ended. Stacey was also pregnant, it was her child that the Oracle had sensed. Albert had left a couple months ago to find his parents and hasn’t been heard from since. Clarence tries to convince Kirk and Stacey to go down to the Caribbean as the weather is at least nice. Kirk and Stacey have feelings for each other but aren’t ready to admit it to each other, much less themselves.

Bowker is on a rendezvous mission in a city when he is surprised by Reyna. She offers him a chance to come back but he isn’t sure he can trust her.

We find out that Albert has been captured by King Zombie and KZ wants Albert to be his chronicler…something to pass on to posterity. Albert does it…after all, he has to survive.

Another Oracle appears to King Zombie. It has found Deake.

The Oracle also informs King Zombie that the Master has split into two forces because of the gates not being opened. One is the spiritual form that is inhabiting different forces and calls itself Amy. The other is in human form but that form does not even know it is part of the Master. The two forms must be re-united to reform the Master.

Dan and Joey are still traveling when they spot a small band. They decide to check it out before approaching. They are shocked when they see the last person they expected to see alive…Donna.

Issue 2

Reyna begins her plan as she comes into Moloch’s room. Moloch has been kept under tight security and drugged up but Reyna has been secretly keeping him off the drugs. She is sleeping with the organization’s leader, Jaxson, who thinks Reyna is on his side.

Bowker lures Vamp into a trap, letting her think that he has finally accepted her. However, when her back is turned, he shoots her in the head so that she doesn’t have time to get into another body.

Reyna kills Jaxson and lets Bowker know that her and Moloch have taken over the city. Bowker sends a signal to King Zombie that now is the time.

Donna is stunned as Dan and Joey enter the gang’s camp. Donna hasn’t forgiven Dan and wants nothing to do with him. Dan decides he might as well leave but this time, Joey says no. He is tired of running.

Dan is shot as he tries to escape.

Issue 3

Kirk, Stacey, and Clarence are driving south, heading towards the islands. Kirk has a flashback of when he was out on a hunt and he and his companions were trapped by snow. Some of the men had resorted to cannibalism and Kirk realized then that perhaps man was no better than the zombies.

Punk and Eddie find Wolverine chained up in a basement.

Bowker’s plan is to help Moloch take over the city and then turn over Deake to KZ. That will stop the zombies from attacking the city but the takeover is taking time and King Zombie is fast losing his patience.

As a man kills a father and about to take liberties with a little girl that he strangled, an energy force inhabits the dead girl. She ends up killing the man. Later she is found wandering the woods and is taken in by the motorcycle gang as they search for the body of Dan whom they shot. They take in the girl although they guess Dan’s body was taken by zombies.

King Zombie declares war…he is tired of dealing with humans.

Donna asks the little girl her name…Amy. Amy suddenly freezes as she realizes that somewhere in the camp, her other half is there in human form.

Issue 4

The new leader of Jaxson’s men refused to allow Moloch to take over and is about to kill Moloch and Bowker when they are saved by Punk, Eddie, and Wolverine. Moloch is in control now.

The city is under siege from the zombies and it is a battle royal.

Bowker comes out to talk to King Zombie and complete the deal they had before. Bowker turns over Deake, not understanding why KZ wants him so bad. King Zombie says his zombies have to feed but Bowker says the city is off limits. Bowker tells King Zombie of a motorcycle camp not too far away. Bowker figures eventually that they will have to take care of them…so why not let the zombies do it.

Amy is in the camp searching for her other self that will complete her as the Master. She is drawn to Joey who sits next to Percy. Although strange, Percy is one of the few friends that Joey has.

As her hand is just about to touch Joey, Donna pulls her away…the zombies are coming.

Issue 5

As the zombies attack the motorcycle camp, the Oracle says to call it off as it can sense both of the Master’s presences there…but they’re still dis-connected.

Amy searches for Joey during the battle and is about to connect with him, when Donna grabs her to take her to safety. Amy is furious…but sees her chance when Donna asks Joey to take Amy.

He does. They touch. Nothing happens. Amy can’t believe it. She was so sure.

As Moloch takes charge of the city, a dead body has an energy force come into it. The once dead figure stands and watches for someone before it spies who it was looking for. Bowker. Now we know the Vamp has managed to secure a new body. She swears revenge on Bowker.

At the camp, the human forces are dwindling. And as Joey hands Amy off to Percy, a surge of electricity hits the area. It was Percy that was the other half of the master. Now the Master is complete!

A few survivors flee the camp when they are stopped by a lone man coming towards the camp. They recognize who it is because now this man is legendary…it is the Dead-Killer. He heads towards the camp.

King Zombie uses one of the prisoners at the camp as the live sacrifice and enacts Deake to do the gate opening. The gates begin to open and some creatures begin to appear….

Issue 6

As the gates are opening, the Master grows in power. He is no longer Percy and transforms into the Demon Lord.

Albert helps Donna, Joey, and another woman to get away and they come across the Dead-Killer. All of them realize that they have to stop Deake from fully opening the gates so they all go back to the camp.

As the gates open, the first to cross the threshold are the demonflytes…and then the demon dogs.

Dead-Killer has only one chance and although he wants to kill King Zombie, he switches at the last moment and puts a bullet through Deake’s head. The gates close.

Before they can go after King Zombie, the demon dogs…terrifying beasts that are very fast…are upon them. The one woman is killed almost immediately. The remaining three empty their guns into the demon dog and finally, it drops.

King Zombie is furious the gates closed early. The master is still too weak to be much of a force but King Zombie notices that many of the dead things will return to life…such as some of the animals.

Dead-Killer takes Donna and Joey to a small outpost where Katherine is in charge of the medical area. As Donna and Katherine talk, Katherine is working on a patient and Donna discovers that it is Dan.

Issue 7

Donna helps Dan to recuperate but Dan is plagued by voices in his head. Joey asks Dead-Killer a lot of questions but no answers are forthcoming.

Vamp finds a young couple and she kills the man and takes over the body of the girl. She is pleased with her choice, feeling Bowker will be pleased as well.

Dan leaves the compound…trying to find the source of the voices in his head. He runs through the woods until he comes up to the source. It is the new Voodoo Queen and she claims he and her share a mind link…and are destined to be together forever.

Issue 8

Albert continues his chronicles of King Zombie, under the scrutiny of the King, of course.

Dead-Killer has some frustrations in getting Joey trained and decides to take him to a small town called Brunson. They give Dead-Killer ammunition in exchange for a favor that Dead-Killer is doing for them but Joey doesn’t know what the favor it. There, Joey meets Darcy, the daughter of the town leader.

Joey is curious, especially since Darcy kissed him, why the two towns don’t get together. Dead-Killer informs him that they can’t because the people of Brunson are lepers.

Vamp, in her new body, visits a tattoo parlor to have her body decorated like Bowker wanted. Norm, the artist, has the unique opportunity to do a body that doesn’t feel pain so he can be as elaborate as he wants. After he finishes Vamp, he is about to kill her because she has told him of all the humans she has killed. But he can’t. Her body is his greatest masterpiece. Surprisingly, she kisses him instead of killing him and he feels that perhaps the human spirit will go on…even in the dead.

As King Zombie is riding his skeletal horse, he is surprised by another gate opening but this one is different…and inside are three mysterious beings known as “The Kings of the Plane”.

(NOTE: Between issues eight and nine, the crossover epic of Realm of the Dead occurred as King Zombie traveled to the world of the Realm for a three issue series)

DEADWORLD – Realm of the Dead

Realm of the Dead 1 Deadworld comic Deadworld comic

With the devastation of Daemonstorm causing such destruction and death, the oracles form the Deadworld have sensed the great outcry from the anguished souls and seek to have the inhabitants of the Realm added to their collection! Meanwhile, the great menace known as Terroreck has risen again to claim the dead who walk the Realm and he has Thoragg and Vespacious with him. As the intelligent zombies and Terroreck decide to join forces to turn the living into the undead on the planet, the former allies of Terroreck, the Night Creatures are all that stand between them for the survival of the Realm. This graphic novel features Deadworld favorites, the Grakkens, as well as appearances of the Demon Lords and of course, King Zombie himself. Realm fans can look for some appearances of their favorite Realm characters and the fate of Silverfawn’s husband was revealed here. A graphic novel that collects the three issue series.

Issue 9

Albert, imprisoned in a cave finds out that he shares it with the Master. However, the master is too weak to do anything. Albert is surprised by another person, RAND, who is leader of a band of lepers who show the full symptoms of the disease.

Joey goes to Katherine to get her medical advice about Darcy and her leprosy. Joey is scared because Darcy kissed him and he’s worried he’d might get it. Katherine informs him that the people of Brunson don’t have a natural form, they were injected with a special kind…and besides, Darcy doesn’t have it at all.

Bowker finds that he has to contend with a gang of cutthroat humans who call themselves the Scavengers and travel around stealing food and equipment and slaughtering anyone that gets in their way.

Rand leads Albert to an underground city and promises to reveal what it is about.

Vamp is about to enter the city as she spies on Bowker. She is willing to give him one more chance. He’s killed her before but she can’t deny her love for him.

Dead-killer leads many of the townspeople to a hill to watch a small band of people getting slaughtered by zombies. They are too far away to help but he wants them to watch so that the townspeople will realize what happens if they get complacent about the zombie menace.

Issue 10

The Voodoo Queen summons up more of the dead to rise and Dan joins her in the rituals.

Bowker, after his training exercise reveals his expert skills, decides to go after the menace of the Scavengers himself.

Darcy and Joey talk and Darcy reveal the history of the Brunson research. Many of the people there were taken away and tested with different drugs and stuff. Leprosy was introduced into many of them as the laboratory doctors thought there might be a connection between the leprosy (dealing with dying tissues) and the zombie menace. The Brunson people were rescued but many of them carried the disease full term.

Rand tells Albert about how his people discovered Albert’s journals. Albert has created a testimony of the supernatural holocaust since the beginning and Rand wants Albert to be the voice that the future will read to understand all that has gone on. King Zombie finds that the zombies are no longer under his control as something or someone else has taken them over.

Issue 11

Rand explains the experiments. The choice to sacrifice some people for the greater good of the human race. They used leprosy to kill the tissues and then tried to reanimate the dead tissue…but all of their attempts failed.

Bowker finds out about the home base of the Scavengers and decides to wipe them out and kill some of the townspeople as an example. It is revealed that the town protecting the Scavengers is the town that Katherine and Donna are in. Punk and Eddie witness the scene and decide they no longer want to be part of Moloch and his organization.

In Rand’s hidden city, the demonflytes let King Zombie know that Albert is there and King Zombie sends the dogs and Grakken there to get Albert back.

Issue 12

Rand and his people beat off King Zombie’s attack and KZ becomes distracted because of the Voodoo Queen’s army of undead who go to attack King Zombie and his forces.

Dead-Killer finds out about the scavengers and can’t believe the town would protect them. Then he finds out that the Scavengers were just kids and the sons of some of the residents. They felt they had too. Dead-Killer is furious when he finds out that Katherine was abducted along with Donna.

Darcy finds her brother…he was one of the Scavengers as well but now he’s dead.

King Zombie is displeased when he finds out the zombies attacking Rand have left to come back and wonders why they have dis-obeyed his order. To his dismay, he finds they are now under the control of the Demon Lord.

Dead-Killer allows Joey to come with him to Moloch’s base and Joey realizes that now, he may have to kill humans instead of zombies. But to get Donna back, he’s willing to do it. Dead-Killer sends the remaining townspeople to Rand’s underground city for safety.

Issue 13

The Demon Lord takes over from King Zombie and orders the Grakken to tear him apart.

Bowker is the one that has taken Katherine. He admires her and wants to keep her for himself although she warns him that Dead-Killer will come for her. Bowker knows that.

King Zombie summons some demonic forces from the Realm and bests the Demon Lord, and now establishes the full power over the zombies in the area. However, he finds himself in a test of wills with the approaching Voodoo Queen and they both struggle with control of the zombies.

Dead-Killer and Joey sneak into Moloch’s compound as Bowker decides to make Katherine his and rapes her.

Issue 14

The Voodoo Queen and King Zombie continue their battle, as it is zombie against zombie in an all out war. King Zombie decides to go after the Queen directly and is stunned when he finds her in the arms of Dan…a thorn in his side since day one.

As they search the compound, Joey and Dead-Killer find Donna. Dead-Killer stays to get Katherine and makes Joey take Donna back to Rand’s underground city.

King Zombie and Voodoo Queen face down. The Queen manages to subdue King Zombie enough to get away. By doing so, she had to release her hold on the zombies…and Dan. Dan is furious, as he knows that she took control of his mind.

Katherine vomits after Bowker leaves. She is shocked when she turns and it is not Bowker who she sees but Vamp in her new body.

Dan refuses to be with the Voodoo Queen even though she promises him incredible power.

Dead-Killer comes into Bowker’s room. He spies Katherine and goes to her. She is dead.

Issue 15

King Zombie has defeated the Demon Lord and wants to exterminate him but the Oracle says that disaster will occur if he does that. The Demon Lord holds everything together.

Joey and Donna find safety in Rand’s city and Joey finds a new family with Darcy’s.

Bowker comes into his room and finds out Dead-Killer is there. Bowker is surprised that Katherine’s dead and protests his innocence. Dead-Killer doesn’t care. They fight.

Bowker is highly skilled but so too is Dead-Killer…the battle is hard fought but at the end, Dead-Killer slits Bowker’s throat.

Dan leaves the Voodoo Queen and promised himself to find his friends.

Vamp finds Bowker dead and says she’ll find a way to get him back.

King Zombie decides to kill the Demon Lord even against the warnings by the Oracle. He sends the swirling masses to devour the Lord. As the Master is consumed the sky rips open and energies spill out and surround King Zombie and tear at his very fabric of being. With an explosion of energy, all that is left of King Zombie is his sunglasses, lying on a pile of dust.



Deadworld Tattoo Deadworld Tattoo Tattoo Deadworld

From the pages of Deadworld comes a mini-series featuring a hybrid between the living and the dead and her name is Tattoo.  Linking to the storyline running in the long running classic zombie comic, Tattoo must travel into the depths of zombie hell in the city of New Orleans and to find the one that she seeks, she must go up against the ruling warlord of the dead, The Rasta Man.

Issue 1 of 4
The opening of the “Zombie Slayer” as Tattoo begins to piece together the answers to the question of how to stop the onslaught of the zombies and why there are an increasing number of intelligent zombies.  The search leads her to New Orleans, the city of the dead.

Issue 2 of 4
Tattoo arrives in new Orleeans and assists a gang of humans called Blues before continuing her quest for the “gate opener”.  The origin of how Tattoo became half human and half zombie is revealed and The Rasta Man shows himself.

Issue 3 of 4
The Rasta Man teams up with the Voodoo Queen in the plan to rid New Orleans of the human vengeance squad who feel that they have the moral blessing to win the war.  Tattoo’s origins and her dealing with her new hybridization during her early days.

Issue 4 of 4
A giant sized issue that ties up the initial story arc. Tattoo and her friends have succeeded in getting the Gatekeeper away from the zombies…for now. But they’ll soon be tracked down by the Rasta Man and his legion of undead, so the Gatekeeper deems to gift Tattoo with an enchanted blade that will help her on this crusade to destroy all of zombie-kind!


King Zombie

King Zombie King Zombie

He returns! Yes, the original acid tongued, Harley riding, talking zombie is back! And this time, he’s taking no prisoners…well, except for the pitiful humans he maintains in his breeding farm to feed his masses of zombies. Caliber is proud to re-introduce King Zombie and the desperate world of Deadworld to a whole new audience. No prior experience is necessary! Teaming up on this major launch is Tom Sniegoski who revamped Vampirella and brought her to new heights, he has created a masterful story that will please new readers and old fans alike. The artist is Jacen Burroughs, a talented newcomer who first stunned fans with his incredible art in Full Metal Fiction. Together, this duo brings us a new beginning and introduces us to the mysterious figure of The Dark Rider, a harbinger of doom for King Zombie.


Deadworld: Frozen Over

Deadworld-Frozen Deadworld Frozen comic Deadworld Frozen comic


New York City… a blizzard… the world in ruin… the undead fill the city streets. Those few lucky enough to survive the initial wave of undead lie huddled together in power deprived buildings high above the streets. Kolin Fleet and his small band of survivors seek to get out of the city before the snow thaws and the Zombies are roaming free once again. Unfortunately, King Zombie has other ideas. Written by Mike Raicht (Marvel’s ZOMBIE and SAVAGE TALES), events from this limited series will dramatically affect those in the regular DEADWORLD series.

With the streets of New York still snowed in, our survivors attempt to find a way out of the city before the thaw comes. But not only are they dealing with the harsh weather and the thousands of zombies still wandering the streets of New York, they also are going to have to deal with the baddest zombie of them all — King Zombie. But why is the King searching for Kolin Fleet and his band? And what deal did the King strike with the terrifying zombie known as the Giant in order to find them?


It is a conundrum only Deadworld could deliver! Trapped in New York City, surrounded by legions of the undead, Kolin Fleet will determine the fate of those who trust him most. Will he take the road which leads him to the mysterious undead ruler of Manhattan known only as The Giant or try to bargain his way out through King Zombie? Will he sacrifice one of his own in order to lead the rest to safety?


With the streets of New York still snowed in, the survivors attempt to find a way out of the city before the thaw comes. But not only are they dealing with the harsh weather and the thousands of zombies still wandering the streets of New York, they also are going to have to deal with the baddest zombie of them all — King Zombie! But why is the King searching for Kolin Fleet and his band? And what deal did the King strike with the terrifying zombie known as the Giant in order to find them?


Deadworld: Last Siesta

Last Siesta

An original graphic novel set in the supernatural holocaust of Deadworld! Outside of the dusty and remote town of Juarez, Mexico, new laws have replaced what was once called civilization. One of the wielders of this new law was the mysterious wanderer, Raga, who was known in the whispers swirling around the land as simply, “The Assassin.” There was nothing living… or dead, that he hadn’t killed. But now he had a new challenge.. the King Zombie and his hoards of zombies. You may be able to kill what’s already dead, but how many times?


Deadworld: Chronicles

Deadworld Chronicles

All new stories set in Deadworld as zombie mayhem ensure! In a world and time when things look bleak for the humans as they plunge towards extinction, these comic stores spotlight some of the different tales of survivors in the zombie holocaust. A wife’s desperate search for her husband who has been zombiefied..a soldier who realizes he’s in a war we won’t win…an old woman who may have a way to stop the zombies…a man plunged into a decision which won’t end well either way, and more. These all new stories add to the myth of one of comics’ longest running independent titles and one of the premier horror titles on the market. As a bonus, Mark Bloodworth presents a gallery of “The Women of Deadworld” which spotlights the living, the dead, and the in-between.

Major characters portrayed here include the introduction of the young Voodoo Queen and is sort of her origin story. Voodoo Queen, both versions, originally appeared in the Classics of Deadworld but has not been introduced in the rebooted series as of yet.

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