Dead On Sight Now Available – Trailer Inside

by Rob Caprilozzi

Zombie shooter, Dead on Sight is now available. Check out more info and the trailer below.

The game is described as:
Blow zombies to bits and rescue the residents of the town of Resurrection in this original touch controlled sniper game.The population in the town of Resurrection have got problems: the dead have risen from their graves and are now eating the locals. Armed with a sniper rifle you have to fight off the undead and give the people a chance to escape. They will try to escape by running, climbing up ladders and hiding in buildings. The undead will be in hot pursuit and you must stop them before they make a meal out of them.You will travel through the town, stationed at a number of sniper positions. From your vantage point use your sniper rifle scope to stop the zombie hoards. Finally, cover the people that you managed to rescue with your rifle while they take the only road out of town.

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