Dead Girls – Review

by Lynn Sorel

Dead Girls – Review

By Lynn Sorel

Rating: 6 out of 10

Synopsis: Three stories of abused and forsaken girls who return from the dead to take their revenge. 

Our Thoughts: ‘Dead Girls’ is a collection of creepy tales about girls who meet unfortunate fates. Classic stories of revenge for a life taken from an innocent victim are intertwined by a girl who, while feeling from an attacker, finds a journal full stories from dead girls.

The first tale, “Over My Dead Body”, is a story about a couple’s drunken fight at a party, which ends in accidental death. However the woman’s new tattoo brings unexpected consequences for her boyfriend and his friends. “Theta Phi’s Never Die” was a classic sorority initiation gone wrong story. With a magical twist, some unexpectedly brutal deaths, and a humorous ending, it was my favorite story in the collection. The final tale, “Vengeance Is Mine”, is the story of Catholic school girl who takes revenge for her abuse at the hands of a priest and the nun who refuses to believe her. I loved the the final scene, which ties all of the revenge stories together nicely.

All of the stories were enjoyable, with high body counts, quite a bit of blood, and satisfying endings. The gore and effects were good for a small film. While not all of the acting was the best, there were a few outstanding performances in the mix. Nick Cardiff was great as accidental killer Travis in “Over My Dead Body”. Mia Doran was excellent as good girl gone bad Avery in “Theta Phi’s Never Die”. Kelsey Sante was very believable as the abused Maggie in “Vengeance Is Mine”. Fans of anthology style horror collections will enjoy ‘Dead Girls’, as will fans of revenge stories. 

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