Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak Now Available In Tunes App Store

by Rob Caprilozzi

Disrupted Logic Interactive, developers of mobile casual video games, today announced the official release of the anticipated Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak on the iTunes App Store. Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak is an action-packed first-person shooter that pits the player against legions of raging Zombies.


“We pulled out all the stops to make a thrilling, challenging and addictive experience that gamers are going to love,” said Tom Raycove, Producer on Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak. “Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak gives players and shooter fans a fun, innovative experience they’ll enjoy as they blast away through hordes of never-ending Zombies in head-to-head non-stop action.”


Powered by Unity Pro’s powerful mobile game engine, Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak features stunning, three-dimensional worlds, exploding with vibrant colors and unique environments. The game has more than 11 maps and three distinctive play modes. With over 20 realistic weapons to choose from, waves of infected zombies to shoot and kill, intuitive and innovative “console style” controllers, vending machines that provide health and ammo when you need it, and in-play rewards that include Gold, Health, Ammunition and a wealth of other valuable rewards, gamers are virtually guaranteed hundreds of hours of intense and explosive game play.


In Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak, players square off against endless waves of Zombies on the attack while they search secret rooms for clues to the location of Patient Zero who remains as the cure to the H-7 virus that continues to infect humanity with the Zombie plague.


Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak is available on Apple’s iTunes at for $1.99 (USD). An Android version is slated to officially release later this week.

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