Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak Free Until December 18th

by Rob Caprilozzi

Hot on the heels of their recent first person shooter launch of Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak on iOS, indie game developer Disrupted Logic Interactive announced it is celebrating the end of an incredible year by offering its break-out game Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak free on Apple’s iTunes for three days. The celebration began on Monday, December 16th and continues through to Wednesday, December 18th, ending at midnight.


In Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak, players battle endless waves of Zombies on the attack while searching secret rooms for clues to curing the deadly H7 virus that continues to infect humanity with the Zombie plague.


Powered by Unity Pro, Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak is a high-action first person shooter that features amazing three-dimensional worlds, unique environments, and vibrant colors that leap off the screen. With more than 11 maps, 20 realistic weapons, intuitive and innovative “console like” controls, and never ending waves of infected Zombie hordes, gamers are virtually guaranteed hundreds of hours of intense and exciting game play.


Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak is available on Apple’s iTunes at

More information on Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak can be found at

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