Dead Cell Abigail van Helsing Action Figure Coming in June

by Rob Caprilozzi

We have some news on a release date of this Abigail van Helsing figure from Triad Toys.

After World War II, the U.S. government turned to an outside source to lead the effort to battle back against supernatural threats unleashed through excavation of occult artifacts. That outside source was Abigail van Helsing of the team Dead Cell. The 12-inch tall Dead Cell Abigail Van Helsing 1:6 Scale Action Figure captures the vampire and monster hunter in all her glory with a military-style cap, an overcoast, a dress shirt, tie, mid-cut dress, corset, leather-like boots, revolver rifle, Krijger sword, rifle holster, and a weapons harness. In addition to these excellent features, the Abigail Van Helsing figure even boasts 1 pair of gun grip hands, 1 pair of sword grip hands, 1 pair of fist hands, and 1 pair of relaxed hands – that's 4 different pairs of hands for 4 different looks and poses!


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