‘Dead By Daylight’ Comic Book Slated For Release Next March

by Thomas Tuna

The Killers and Survivors will soon battle it out on the four-color page.

Titan Comics will roll out a series based on the survival horror video game Dead by Daylight starting next spring. Check out the tweet making the official announcement on this page.

The first issue of the new comic–based on the popular Behaviour Interactive game–will be available in comic book shops and in a digital version in March 2023.

The premiere issue–from writer Nadia Shammas and artist Dillon Snook–will contain a prequel story based on The Legion, a Killer who’s one of the original characters in the game’s growing roster of Killers and Survivors.

In the video game, Legion is actually a group of four violent teenage Killers–Frank, Julie, Susie and Joey–who wear masks, hooded garb and wield a knife against Survivors.

Mathieu Cote of Behaviour said comic books “hold a special place in my heart, as with many people on the team. The Legion is an interesting set of characters and are great to dig into, since they embody the universal themes of teen angst, rage and revenge.”

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