DC Universe Cancels ‘Swamp Thing’ After Airing One Episode

by John Evans

After just premiering on DC Universe last Friday, Swamp Thing is dead in the water. Variety has just reported the series’ cancellation, with no additional details on the abrupt announcement. The news immediately follows generally positive reviews of the first episode, and healthy buzz over the series in general.

The official Twitter page for the series has not yet been updated with the news, and its latest post is business as usual:

“Strange things are happening,” indeed! While the remaining episodes of Season One may reveal who Alec Holland is, today’s announcement will certainly hurt viewership for the rest of the season. If fans know the story will never grow beyond the first season, it’s more difficult to become invested in its story and characters. This is why companies usually wait until a run finishes airing before making such an unfortunate announcement. Perhaps some day we will know the circumstances surrounding these unusual developments, but we’ll just have to accept that these secrets are lost in the swamp for now.

Stay tuned to Horror News Network for complete coverage of Swamp Thing, should our favorite creature ever happen to peek out from the dreary depths of his aquatic home again!


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