DC Cancels ‘Lucifer’ Comic, But Will Publish Rest Of Series

by Thomas Tuna

While things are looking up for the Netflix Lucifer series, the comic book that spawned the TV show has been dropped from the DC Comics lineup.

The comic–which follows the adventures of Hell’s own Lucifer Morningstar, a character that was introduced in the Sandman Universe titles–will end its run in a special graphic novel edition, as reported by cbr.com.

The remaining individual issues of Lucifer–No. 19 through 24–will not hit stands and comic book shops on their own, but will be lumped together in one collected edition.

No publication date for this special issue has been set by DC at this writing. Lucifer No. 18 is scheduled to be the final issue in the series to be published individually.

This switchover to a collected edition will not affect the current storyline of the book–a combined effort of writer Dan Watters and artist Sebastian Fiumara–according to reports.

This new large edition reportedly will overlap with the collected book to appear before it–Lucifer Vol3: The Wild Hunt–which is expected to be in shops in July. This edition will contain issues No. 14 through 19 of Lucifer.

It’s not yet known how–or if–DC will handle the character of the Hell Lord following the conclusion of these issues.

In related news, another DC horror title–the Sandman Universe’s House of Whispers–will also have its remaining individual issues pulled, due to ramifications of the COVID-19 crisis, and will end its run as digital exclusives.

But, while the Lucifer character in the four-color world may be drawing to an unfortunate end, his TV incarnation (as reported here in Horror News Network) may be headed for a sixth season on Netflix. Tom Ellis, who plays the titular character, recently signed on for more small screen action, resolving a contract dispute and paving the way for another season.

Keep reading Horror News Network for updates on the publication date for the Lucifer collected edition and on the future of the TV series.

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