David Harbour Talks About His ‘Stranger Things’ Character

by Thomas Tuna

Jim Hopper is still with us…against all odds.

Hopper–the fan-favorite Hawkins police chief on the Netflix horror/fantasy series Stranger Things–has seemingly left us before, but he’s still very much in the mix as the show prepares for its fifth and final season. And David Harbour–the actor responsible for the enduring character–has a unique perspective on Hopper’s longevity.

Harbour–during a recent interview with Variety–admitted that he felt “there were several times I thought he should die. I certainly thought that in the beginning, because he was so destroyed and hell-best on destruction. Then, when it seemed he went in Season 3, I was happy for him.”

But attitudes change. Now, Harbour believes, “as he’s being resurrected as the man he wants to become, it would almost be nicer to keep him alive. Let’s see what they choose.”

With the writer’s room for the fifth season of Stranger Things expected to open for business next month, series creators Matt and Ross Duffer certainly have Hopper’s character on their minds. Among other issues.

Matt Duffer has said the final season will probably be shorter than the just-concluded Season 4. “The only reason we don’t expect it to be as long as Season 4,” he explained, “is that it was almost a two-hour ramp up before our kids get drawn into a supernatural mystery.”

The viewers had to “get to know them, get to see them in their lives,” Duffer said. “They’re struggling with adapting to high school and so forth. None of that is obviously going to occur in Season 5.”

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