David Gordon Green Dishes On Planned ‘Exorcist’ Trilogy

by Thomas Tuna

Filmmaker David Gordon Green doesn’t seem to be someone who backs down from a challenge.

Tackling the daunting task of helming one classic horror franchise would normally be plenty for anyone, but Green is shifting gears from his Halloween trilogy and is plunging into crafting three films that will act as a sequel to the iconic The Exorcist.

Green–who directed Halloween Kills (which hits theaters and Peacock Friday, Oct. 15) and next years’s Halloween Ends–discussed his upcoming The Exorcist in a recent interview with Joe Bob Briggs, as reported by JoBlo.com, and confirmed several tidbits.

To start with, the director acknowledged that three films are in the planning stages, with only the first one being written at this time. Reports have said that Green is writing this screenplay (from a story he dreamed up with Peter Sattler), along with Danny McBride and Scott Teems.

“It’s really fun to be able to take these iconic titles and these legacy actors,” Green said. “I’ve been chatting with Ellen Burstyn (who will reprise her role of Chris MacNeil from the original film) quite a bit.”

The director also said this sequel will have a different tone from the original, mainly because the times have changed so much. “It’s never going to be what they did in that time, with those resources, in that culture,” he said. “And I’m a very different voice than William Friedkin (who directed the original). What he did was brilliant, and I want to honor and respect that, and then evolve that into my voice in this time.”

What is known about the sequel from Universal Pictures and Peacock, at this point in time, is that Tony Award winner Leslie Odom Jr. will star as “the father of a possessed child. Desperate for help, he tracks down Burstyn’s character,” according to the official synopsis.

And what of Linda Blair, who famously played the possessed Regan in the 1973 original? “As of now,” she recently tweeted, “there has not been any discussion about me participating or reprising my role.” Fans certainly hope that changes in the near future.

The original movie–directed by Friedkin from a screenplay by William Peter Blatty–follows a mother’s struggles to save her 12-year-old daughter from a demonic possession through an exorcism performed by two priests. The Exorcist–the first horror film to be nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award–stars Burstyn, Blair, Max von Sydow, Lee J. Cobb and Jason Miller.

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