David Cronenberg To Produce ‘Scanners’ Series For HBO

by Jayson Drury

Heads are exploding over this news.

It’s been five years since rumors about a small-screen adaptation of the 1981 horror-s/f classic Scanners began circulating, and now The Hollywood Reporter reveals an HBO series is in the works.

And David Cronenberg–who wrote and directed the original thriller–will serve as executive producer of the new show from Media Res Studio and Wayward Films.

The new show–written by William Bridges (Black Mirror), who will also serve as co-showrunner alongside Yann Demange (Lovecraft Country)–will delve deeper into Cronenberg’s dangerous world.

The storyline will follow two women living on the fringes of society who are pursued by agents looking to bring them in–unless they can work together and destroy the company that wants to exploit them.

The original Scanners tells the tale of a group of individuals with psychic abilities who work for a weapons firm called ConSec. When they discover a band of rogue scanners are waging war, they send a team member to stop them. The result is the usual Cronenberg-type body horror film fans love.

With no details yet on casting or production schedules, keep your eyes and psychic energies focused on Horror News Network for future Scanners updates.


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