‘Daryl Dixon’ Is Title Of New ‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff

by Thomas Tuna

It’s simple, but it says it.

The upcoming spinoff series from AMC’s The Walking Dead that spotlights Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon just got its title.

Ready for it? The show will be called–Daryl Dixon. Check out the Twitter post from Reedus himself to see the genius of it all.

The spinoff–slated to hit AMC sometime next year–has had a rocky road to its debut. First, the show was supposed to continue the adventures of Daryl and Carol Peletier, but when co-star Melissa McBride learned the show would be shot in Europe, she begged off, saying relocating would have been “logistically untenable” for her.

And then, showrunner Angela Kang left her post (she’s still executive producer), forcing a switch to David Zabel (ER, Star Trek: Voyager) to take over as day-to-day leader.

Through all that, Daryl Dixon is still expected to premiere on AMC next year, so keep reading Horror News Network for the next update.


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