Darkstar video game

by Rob Caprilozzi

Lace Mamba Global announces that it will publish DARKSTAR – The Interactive Movie, a Science Fiction adventure game for PC and Mac, developed by J. Allen Williams at Parallax Studio.

DARKSTAR is set in the post-apocalyptic future in the year 2499. Captain John O’Neil awakens from cryogenic sleep aboard the lost and damaged starship Westwick. The ships’ computer voice informs O’Neil that he has been asleep for over 312 years, such a long time that his memories are gone—a side effect of being in hibernation centuries too long. A breath-taking journey through space and time begins as the player explores the haunted starship searching for answers and clues as to what the true mission is. Backstory cinema is unlocked as areas are unlocked and made accessible, and the epic story unfolds on this drifting and broken starship somewhere on the other side of the Galaxy as it orbits a strange, alien planet. Players must utilize their wits and ingenuity to discover what has happened to the Earth, the starship, and its crew. They must find out what has happened to O’Neil’s partner Ross Perryman, why Pilot Paige Palmer still slumbers in her cryo-chamber and who savagely murdered Navigator Alan Burk during his long session in suspended animation. O’Neil soon discovers that the Earth has been destroyed and the crew of the Westwick are the sole surviving members of the human race…or are they?

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Darkstar video game

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