‘The Dark Tower’ in Development as a TV Series for Amazon?

by Larry Dwyer

Last summer, the world was (mis)treated to Nikolaj Arcel’s vision of Stephen King’s “Gunslinger” series in The Dark Tower.  While the work of  Idris Elba as “Gunslinger” Roland Deschain and Matthew McConaughey as The Man in Black was fantastic, they could not save what was mainly an attempt at dumbing down King’s opus to make a Percy Jackson-esque teenage adventure film.

But..I digress. The news here is that, while there were always talks of intertwining multiple films with a television series to try and capture the breadth of the Gunslinger’s world, it appears that the awfulness of the first film has not killed off the possibility of seeing a television series…kind of.

Cinemablend has reported that Amazon has acquired the rights to develop a series out of The Dark Tower along with Lord of the Rings and more. While there is mucho speculation on the web as to whether Amazon will develop a continuation of the film or stay away from that train wreck, they are currently tight-lipped on the situation. Interesting to note, however, that back in October, Stephen King told Vulture that a TV series would be “a complete reboot”.

Here’s to hoping.

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