Dark Stephen King Anthology Slated For Early 2024 Release

by Thomas Tuna

Darker Stephen King? His Constant Readers must be salivating.

A collection of a dozen of the horror master’s latest short stories–You Like It Darker–will hit book shelves early next year, according to a report on ClubStephenKing. And one of those tales–Rattlesnakes–will be a prequel to one of King’s most popular novels, Cujo.


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The horrifying 1981 novel follows a mom, Donna Trenton, and her son Tad, who are terrorized by a huge, rabid Saint Bernard. In the upcoming short story, grieving widow Donna travels to Florida “to find respite, and instead receives an unexpected inheritance–with important attendant connections.

Several other synopses of the You Like It Darker anthology were revealed, including:

Two Talented Bastids “explores the long-hidden secret of the titular men and how they got their talents.”

Danny Coughlin’s Bad Dream deals with “a brief, unexpected psychic flash that disrupts the lives of dozens of people–and Danny’s life–catastrophically.”

The Dreamers follows a Vietnam veteran who “responds to a job offer–and learns there are corners of the universe it would be better not to explore.”

The Answer Man asks the question: Is knowing the future a good or bad thing? And it reminds us “that a life marked by unbearable tragedy can still be important.”

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