Dark Horse Presents #29 preview

by Brian Uhe

Dark Horse Comics has provided us a preview of the new Dark Horse Presents comic.

Read the epic and action-packed thirteen-page final chapter of Neal Adams’s Blood! Meet Mindy and her cartoon sidekick in a world of gang warfare and haircuts in Andrew MacLean’s Snip Snip!

Plus, new installments of The Strain: The Fall, Mr. Monster, Alabaster, Trekker, Nexus, Nosferatu Wars, and a Poe story from Richard Corben!

80 pages
October 23

Written by David Lapham, Andrew MacLean, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Mike Baron, Ron Randall, Steve Niles, Michael T. Gilbert, Dara Naraghi, Patrick Alexander, Neal Adams and Richard Corben
Art by David Lapham, Andrew MacLean, Ron Randall, Michael T. Gilbert, Patrick Alexander, Neal Adams, Steve Lieber, Steve Rude, menton3, Richard Corben and Tom Williams
Cover by Neal Adams










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