Dark Horse Presents #13 Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

By: Nick Banks


Dark Horse Presents #13 Review


Writers: Alex de Campi, Ken Pisani, Rich Woodall, Fabian Rangel Jr., Michael May, Anthony Zicari

Artists: Jerry Ordway, Arturo Lauria, Craig Rousseau, Pablo Clark, Jason Copland, Oscar Capristo

Publisher: Dark Horse

Release Date: August 19, 2015

Rating: 8 out of 10


Synopsis: Alex de Campi’s and Jerry Ordway’s “SemiAutoMagic” returns, as well as many new installments of serialized horror and sci-fi action! 


Our Thoughts:  The main attraction in this issue of the longest running modern anthology series is the “second season” of SemiAutoMagic by Eisner nominated writer Alex de Campi and legendary artist Jerry Ordway.  The second story arc kicks off with Professor Alice Creed back at school educating youngsters about magic and combating dark forces along the way.  De Campi imbues her character with the concerns of a teacher and the strength and spark of a talented sorceress.  Ordway’s art here (who is best known for his work on DC flagship Superman) works very well with de Campi’s scripting and adds the necessary humanity to the book.  Ordway is known for his realistic human characters, but he also comes through with a menacing demon.  Fans of Buffy and Jim Butcher should enjoy this installment.  


Also of interest to horror fans in this issue are the new installments of Fabian Rangel Jr. and Pablo Clark’s Black Past and Kill All Monsters by Michael May and Jason Copland.  If your tastes gravitate towards mafia, crime land tales mixed with arcane cults and demons, go with Black Past.  If you are more of a Kaiju fan, Kill All Monsters Shogun Warrior style action should satisfy you.  Along with a number of other science fiction serials, this issue is an excellent value. 




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