‘Dark Hearts: The Secret of Haunting Melissa’ Now Available for Download On App Store

by Rob Caprilozzi

Hooked Digital Media, a next-generation production company, unleashed today Dark Hearts: The Secret of Haunting Melissa, the sequel to the widely popular and chilling Haunting Melissa. The app is now available to download for free exclusively from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at (www.appstore.com/darkhearts).

The new installment continues Melissa’s disturbing story, a girl who believes her recently deceased mother is haunting her. The sequel picks up one month after Melissa’s disappearance with her return home and weaves in the story of a teenage boy who documents the strange occurrences in his suburban neighborhood.

“With the success of Haunting Melissa, we wanted to get the next layers of the story into production and out as fast as possible. Our platform, coupled with Apple’s new operating system and powerful devices, gave us the tools to create a scarier, more disturbing experience,” said Neal Edelstein, the director and producer of the franchise. “This film represents independent filmmakers getting one step closer to changing the status quo of traditional Hollywood filmmaking through technology innovation designed to reach connected consumers.”

Dark Hearts: The Secret of Haunting Melissa is built from the ground up on Hooked Digital Media’s proprietary platform which features Dynamic Story Elements, a patented technology that changes the story upon repeated viewing. The sequel was written for this innovative platform to capitalize on Apple’s new iOS8.

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