Dario Argento Debuts His Book ‘Fear’ At Courmayeur Noir Festival

by Lynn Sorel

Dario Argento debuted his autobiography at the annual Courmayeur Noir Festival. Entitled ‘Paura’, or ‘Fear’ in English, the book shares stories of Argento’s personal life and career. Argento writes, “There’s only one thing I know for sure: As long as there’s someone out there to scare, I know I will be a happy person.” Argento discusses topics ranging from his relationships and drug use to his writing process and censorship. The 74-year-old director includes advice for readers as well in his book, with bits of wisdom from his long life. He writes, “Things you say as a kid, write them down, put them aside, and read them again when you’re a man.” The book is what Argento says is his effort to put the record straight after having so many books written about him.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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