Dan Brereton Unleashes Giant-Sized ‘GiantKiller’ Graphic Novel

by Nick Banks
Crowd funding is always a risky business for creators, but Dan Brereton has made a habit out of producing a number of deluxe hard cover editions of his artwork through crowd funding’s big gorilla, Kickstarter. The Nocturnals artist’s projects have always exceeded expectations, in terms of both monetary and fan goals, and Brereton is now prepared “to go big or go home”.

Brerton’s latest project is a deluxe, monster-sized edition of his 1999 cult classic comic book, Giantkiller, which captures all of the kaiju-themed mayhem of the original release with some added extras and a format worthy of the title.   The new hardcover edition measures an impressive 8 1/2 x 12 1/2 -inch volume with 240 pages, and “…additional story art in the form of a new Epilogue, a big concept gallery of sketches, a large Rogues’ Gallery of guest artist pin-ups and more!”   According to the official press release, “Brereton feels it’s one of the coolest things he’s done in comics, ‘It was something that made me ridiculously happy while I was working on it for two years. I can’t believe it’s been two decades. I still think about those characters and still want to do so much more.”

Brereton always wanted to display the story in the largest format possible, and he “…always imagined the story being viewed as large as it could be comfortably read on a page. But that was deemed too costly.”

Luckily, cost won’t be an issue this time around, as the project has already been fully funded, and has more than doubled the original funding goal of $16,000 with almost a month to go in the campaign.  With the initial goal met, Brereton will undoubtedly add further “stretch goals” to get even more people on board the Giantkiller train.

Giantkiller was originally produced by DC Comics in 1999.  Both the comics and regular-sized graphic novel are long out-of-print.

Check out some of the art below and be sure to come back to Horror News Network for more updates about future projects by Brereton as well as everything else in the world of giant monsters.

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