Damien Leone Would Love To Reboot ‘Friday The 13th’

by Thomas Tuna

From Art to Jason?

It sounds like Damien Leone may not be content with chilling the blood of horror fans with the violent misadventures of Art the Clown in his Terrifier franchise. He has his eyes on Jason Voorhees and the troubled Friday the 13th series.

Leone’s third Terrifier entry is being planned as a Christmas-themed slasher that’s headed for a 2024 theatrical window, but the writer/director recently told Slash Film that he’d like a crack at rebooting Friday the 13th–a film and franchise that’s been hung up far too long in a nasty legal struggle.

“I’ve been on record for quite some time now that if I could ever remake one slasher film, it would be Friday the 13th,” Leone said. “Jason was always my favorite slasher since I was a little kid, and I think there’s a way to do it.” His approach to a remake, he added, would be “to keep it in the ’80s.”

But this plan may or may not ever materialize, Leone admitted. The filmmaker said he has had discussions with the Friday the 13th powers-that-be about his vision for the franchise, but he thinks he may be “a little too obscure” to direct the next film in the series–if that ever happens.

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