Cullen Bunn Brings Horror Anthology ‘A Passage in Black’ to Kickstarter

by Nick Banks

The comic book  anthology has been synonymous with horror comics since the days of Tales from the Crypt and The Haunt of Fear.  While other genres have produced anthology collections, the horror anthology is still the one that most fans think of when the words “anthology” and “comic books” come up.  It is also the one that writer Cullen Bunn (a multiple time HNN Comic Award Winner, most recently for his Dark Horse series Harrow County) thinks of and is why the prolific writer is attempting to get his own anthology in comic stores everywhere via a kickstarter campaign.

Bunn’s A Passage in Black is a 120 page, black and white anthology featuring a number of artists and writers (besides Bunn) who love short horror fiction.   Bunn spoke to Horror News Network and shared his love for the classic art form, saying that “It’s no exaggeration to say that horror anthology comics and magazines made me the writer I am today. Books like Creepy and Eerie and Ghosts and House of Mystery and The Haunted Castle introduced me to the idea that comic books could be SCARY! And those books also introduced me to writers and artists, all working in bite-sized terror, who would become some of my favorite and most influential creators. My hope with a book like A Passage in Black is that readers will know the joy of horror comics, but will also find some new writers and artists to follow in the days to come. If I have my way, this will become an annual project!”

All of the stories are either written by Bunn or adapted from Bunn’s previous prose collection by fellow writers.  Bunn details the writer/artist teams and short stories in the video below. If you are interested in backing the project on kickstarter, please visit the official page here.  The campaign ends on November 8.

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