CT HorrorFest

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CT HorrorFest returns September 21-22, 2024! The event is presented by Connecticut-based horror website Horror News Network, one of the top horror news and information sites on the web.

September 21 – 11AM-7PM
September 22 – 11AM-5PM

Come meet horror celebrities and shop horror themed vendors at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT.

Celebrity Guests

See the celebrities scheduled to appear at this years show.


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The Venue

CT HorrorFest is at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT.

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Celebrity Guests

Please note that guest list can change due to guest cancellation or events beyond our control. Celebrity autograph prices vary and are at the discretion of the celebrity. CT HorrorFest does not control what celebrities may charge for autograph or photo opportunities.

Scooby Doo

Professional crime-solver.

Our first guest will be announced in December! Check back soon.

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Ticket Options for CT HorrorFest

Tickets for the event will go on sale in the new year!

Event Venue

Connecticut Convention Center - 100 Columbus Blvd, Hartford, CT 06103

Connecticut Convention Center

We will be using both exhibit halls for CT HorrorFest.


Sponsors of CT HorrorFest 2024

Watch cult horror films on the big screen in Seymour, CT.
Cult Film Preservation & Releasing
A record and movie store in Bridgeport, CT.

Event Programming

Learn about our panels and costume contests here.

Past Events

Have a look at some photos of past HorrorFest events.

XL Center - Hartford, CT
Event Center - Naugatuck, CT
Event Center - Naugatuck, CT
Event Center - Naugatuck, CT
Danbury Arena - Danbury, CT
Danbury Arena - Danbury, CT
Matrix - Danbury, CT
Matrix - Danbury, CT
Marriott - Waterbury, CT


Answers to the most common questions that we receive.

Is CT HorrorFest scary?

Not unless you find meeting celebrities and shopping awesome vendors scary. Some people come dressed in costumes. But don’t expect a haunted house or to be chased by someone with a chainsaw.

What time should I arrive as an attendee and buy tickets?

Any time. Tickets will be on sale both days at the door.

But can the event sell out?

Yes. The venue can only fit so many people and as such, we have allotted a certain number of tickets for Saturday and a certain number for Sunday. We will keep track and make “low ticket alert” announcements on social media if either day that is getting near sell out.

I purchased a Saturday ticket but have decided to come Sunday instead, is that okay?

Pre-purchased tickets are non-transferrable. If you show up on Sunday with a “Saturday” ticket, you will need to purchase a new ticket to gain entry.

Does my ticket also cover celebrity autograph fees?

No, your ticket purchase gets you entry into the event, allows you to shop the vendors, entry into the panel discussions, and the chance to line up and purchase a celebrity autograph/photo.

What if the line to meet a certain celebrity becomes too long?

If a line to meet a celebrity becomes too long we will present timed tickets to people in the overflow telling them to come back in an hour. 

Can I come in costume?

Of course!

How much are autographs?

Autographs are priced at the discretion of the talent. The last few years on the East Coast, autographs have ranged from $20-$200. We will do our best to publish a list of autograph/photo prices a few days before the event, provided that they get us the information ahead of time.

Is there an ATM onsite?


My costume has a weapon is that OK?

All costume props must be inspected at the front desk. Because of safety reasons, we cannot allow any real or sharp weapons into the venue without being checked.

Can I have my machete/knife, etc. signed by a celebrity?

Sorry, for safety reasons we no longer allow this.

What happens if the convention is canceled?

If for any reason the convention is canceled, we will refund all ticket purchases and vendor tables within 30 days.

What happens if the celebrity you are coming to meet cancels?

As the event promoters, we hope that no one cancels; that is truly a nightmare for us. We understand that you may have purchased a ticket to meet one specific person, but celebrity cancellations are out of our control. We do not offer refunds for this reason – the show will go on.

I’m having an issue with another attendee, what do I do?

Please do not take any matters like this into your own hands. Whatever your issue is, let a staff member know and we will take care of it.

My friend is running a haunted house or has a horror-podcast or another business, can I hand out flyers at CTHF?

No. Attendees are not allowed to distribute, stickers, cards, or any promotional item without prior approval from CTHF. Our vendors and sponsors pay for the ability to promote their haunts, events, businesses, etc. so it would be unfair to allow attendees to do the same for free.

Will there be food?

The venue will have approved food vendors on site selling food, snacks, and beverages (including beer and wine).

Will you be adding more guests?

We will continue to announce guests on a rolling basis as the show draws near.

Can I smoke?

There is no smoking of any materials, including vaping or e-cigarettes, allowed in the XL Center. You are free to go outside and smoke and re-enter the event.

Can I take photos of vendors and/or celebrities?

With their permission, yes.

Can I interview some of the celebrities for my podcast during CTHF?

No, the celebrities are there to meet with fans and we need the lines to move at a steady pace so that they’re able to meet with everyone without interruption.

I want to record a panel and post it on YouTube or live stream a panel/event. Is that cool?

Live-streaming or posting your personal panel recordings online is not allowed. CT HorrorFest will post professional recordings of all panels and events from both days on their YouTube page following the event for any you may have missed, and you are free to repost those.

I’m leaving for the day and want to give my friend my wristband so they can enter.

Anyone attempting to enter CT HorrorFest with a wristband that looks damaged or used will have that wristband removed and will need to purchase a ticket to enter.

What about ADA Compliance?

The Connecticut Convention Center is wheelchair accessible, including exhibit halls, meeting rooms, and ballrooms. Elevators for the physically challenged are located at street and pre-function levels with ramping available throughout the Center. Bathrooms throughout the Center are wheelchair accessible. The Center’s parking facilities have specifically marked and reserved parking spaces for handicapped persons. Wheelchairs are available upon request at the Center’s Security office and are limited in quantity. 

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