Cryptic Clues Begin to Leak About American Horror Story Season 7

by John Evans

American Horror Story Season 7 could be returning to airwaves sooner than ever before. It currently looks like the season will be airing on FX as early as Spring, 2017.

It all began with a brief clip that was recently posted to the show’s official Twitter page:

Devoted fans and conspiracy theorists alike took to Reddit and the IMDb message boards to discuss the significance of this minimal clip. The ocean, the “sweet dreams,” and the fact that the clip is exactly seven seconds long is leading some fans to believe that the seventh season could feature some kind of nautical theme. Some fans have linked the clip to a lingering shot of a small boat in the last episode of Season Six, and that has them convinced more than ever that American Horror Story will take to the high seas this Spring. Some fans have gone as far as to wonder if H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu could be making an appearance.

The series has always been subject to wild speculation by its rabid fanbase, and showrunner Ryan Murphy is happy to oblige with a variety of mysterious promotional materials. It should be noted that promo clips for Season Six: My Roanoke Nightmare hinted that the season could be about anything from 50’s sci-fi swamp creatures to giant spiders and monster babies… so fans should take any upcoming “leaks” with a grain of salt.

If last season was any indicator, fans who aren’t into the idea of American Horror Story at sea” don’t have much to worry about… the show could very well transition to a setting on Mars in just a few short episodes!

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