Creepy #12 Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

Review by: Michael Peluso

Writers: Richard Corben, Ron Marz, Dan Braun, Petter Bagge, Mathew Allison, John Arcudi, Archie Goodwin
Artists: Richard Corben, Richard P. Clark, Peter Bagge, Mathew Allison, Julian Totino Tedesco, Steve Ditko
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: May 8th, 2013

Synopsis: New terror from legendary artist Richard Corben reveals that six feet of soil can't keep a good man down! John Arcudi (B.P.R.D.) and Julian Totino Tedesco (Uncanny X-Force) explore the aftermath of a deadly plane crash in the ghastly “Pack Leader.” And join Ron Marz and Richard P. Clark for a delightfully twisted fairytale! Also a new story written and drawn by Richard Corben (Ragemoor) and Creepy Family strips from Peter Bagge (Hate)!

Our Thoughts: Uncle Creepy is back with more bloodcurdling tales that can and will satisfy your undying need for classic comic book horror. I had to remind myself after reading Creepy #12 that it didn’t take me traveling back in time in a flux capacitor powered fifty eight Plymouth Fury to read this priceless work of art. Dark Horse continues to eerily entertain with its twelfth installment of Creepy. They know exactly what kind of black magic it takes to capture the true feel of pre comic code horror and thankfully continue to roll with it. Its first tale: Uncle Magnus was purely undead revenge at its goriest. The story was just enough reminiscent of Creepshow’s: Fathers Day, I thought Nathan Grantham might even be a distant, much wealthier cousin of Uncle Mangus. Fishing reminds us that when an abandon house suddenly has its lights on, it probably means it’s the wrong time to investigate it. Local Talent will make you wonder how some of those low budget, seventies B horror films had such unsettlingly surreal special effects. The Spirit of the Thing is the Mona Lisa of Creepy #12. A killer classic pulled from the archives, produced by the dream team of writer Archie Goodwin and artwork by the one and only Steve Ditko. The Creepy Family strips by Bagge even add to the nostalgia and perfectly complement the insidious compellation that is Creep #12. The hauntingly shadowed black and white artwork within this issue is excellent. Each story brings its own dreadful style that suits the terror within them perfectly. I might need to read this issue a hundred more times to find something that truly didn’t satisfy my infatuation with old style horror comics.

Dark Horse’s Creepy run does it again. It sends you right back to a time when the only thing you would hide under the mattress was a flash light and horror comic, which was immediately grabbed following the goodnight from mom and dad. Creepy #12 is another killer collection of stories that will tickle that twisted side of your mind that craves classic macabre. This rating of Creepy #12 marks my very first and well deserved 10 out of 10. Can’t wait for issue lucky #13, but in the mean time go grab #12 you ghouls, it’s in stores now.

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