‘Creeping Crawling’ Review

by Lynn Sorel

Creeping Crawling – Review
By Lynn Sorel
Rating: 6 out of 10

Synopsis: An eccentric Entomologist tells three dark tales about the creeping crawling insects that burrowing through the walls of homes, eating through our intestines, and for some of us, driving us slowly insane.

Our Thoughts: Creeping Crawling is a horror anthology of creepy, bug themed horror stories. Our most primal, insect related fears as human beings, are used to create some very horrific and disgusting tales.

The first story is about an ex-assistant of the doctor’s who was attempting to start a modeling career. Desperate to get as thin as possible, she takes a pill that gives her a tape worm. In a disturbing twist, she learns that she is pregnant. What ensues is quite horrific, especially if you don’t like worms.

The second story is about a woman who poses as a nurse to earn fast money and watches over a rich woman’s brain damaged son while he is out of the country. While staying in the guest room, she finds that her bed is infested with flees. No matter what she does she can’t get rid of them. The story takes many strange turns and ends up being incredibly strange and almost trippy.

The final story is about a lonely geeky man working at a call center. His fellow employees suspect he’s a serial killer murdering local women. However, he ends up being even more screwed up than they imagine him to be.

All of the stories are quite disturbing in different ways. The film is particularly effective in its use of bugs to terrorize and disgust the viewer. Some of the film is quite difficult to watch, even for the most seasoned horror fan. Although minimalist in its approach to special effects, it is extremely effective in it’s execution. Each story is character driven and the acting, while not the best I’ve ever seen, it quite good for such a small film. Sarah von Ouhl who plays Denver, Anna Shields who plays Dori, and Gary Flugge  who plays Doug, all stand out in bringing their truly disturbed characters to life. Although enjoyable, and sometimes even quite funny, Creeping Crawling is the type of film that makes you feel like you need a bath after watching. Horror anthology fans won’t want to miss this downright disgusting addition to the genre!

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